[Console] Update 2126 - Release Notes and Info

Hi everyone,

Update 2126 is rolling out today (23/10/16) to PlayStation and Xbox. Please check the changelog below for the list of fixes and changes included in this update.

As part of the update to 2126 we’re also adjusting how custom islands are used in the game. You can read more about what these changes are here: [Console] Update 2126 - Custom Island Changes

Thank you, as always, to everyone for their ongoing support of Stranded Deep. Please continue to report any issues you experience to the https://forums.strandeddeepgame.com/c/console-forums/console-bug-reports/8 section of the forums for the team to investigate.

– Stay Alive!
Beam Team


· Fixed multiplayer desync causing ‘Crates’ to appear empty for client.

· Fixed multiplayer desync causing items stored inside ‘Crates’ to appear outside of crates.

· Fixed multiplayer desync caused by ‘Clay Water Bottle’ and ‘Leather Water Skins’ stored in quick-access inventory.

· Fixed multiplayer desyncs caused by client construction positions being slightly different to host. This also fixes client interaction with meat at a campfire.

· Fixed multiplayer desync causing different weather on host and client.

· Fixed multiplayer desync causing time-of-day to appear out of sync for a short moment for player B after player A sleeps.

· Fixed multiplayer desync where items could appear floating for the client when reloading a game.

· Fixed multiplayer desync caused by client joining an in-progress game while the host is loading or generating a zone.

· Fixed multiplayer desync caused by client joining an in-progress game while the host is lighting a fire.

· Fixed multiplayer client able to join the game while the host is using a ‘Shelter’ or ‘Sleeping Bag’.

· Fixed rare scenario where pieces of a raft could be saved in an unloaded zone.

· Fixed rare scenario where player is not able to interact or stand on objects if an item falls out-of-world.

· Fixed day-based trophies not unlocking on the correct day.

· Fixed day-based trophies unlocking in the intro scene.

· Fixed draw distance when approaching islands.

· Fixed mined rock suspended in air after mining a ‘Stone Deposit’.

· Fixed male voice FX not playing when jumping.

· Fixed male voice FX playing for female characters when drowning.

· Fixed player able to store spoiled meat in aircraft stations.

· Fixed player able to pick up ‘Log’ and ‘Palm Bunch’ without separating.

· Fixed scenario where old save games were not deleted when a new world was created. This would cause the island’s terrain to appear lower than expected.

· Fixed incorrect climbing animation when the player has a broken leg.

· Fixed ‘Hog’ and ‘Boar’ appearing as spoiled.

· Fixed player able to craft items clipping through shipping container walls.

· Fixed ‘Torch’ light source not appearing lit for player B.

· Fixed player ragdoll display name when knocked out.

· Fixed player becoming invisible when revived.

· Fixed being able to place crafted items while colliding with other terrain objects.

· Fixed ‘Hunter of the High Seas’ trophy description.

· Fixed ‘Fire Torch’ not highlighting.

· Fixed background color of crafted combinations incorrectly changing color.

· Fixed Hud overlapping watch display.

· Fixed Hud not refreshing for interactable objects after dragging an item.

· Fixed Hud not clearing during fire lighting animation.

· Fixed changes made in options not applying when switching tabs.

· Changed vehicle operating prompts to be more descriptive when another player is already operating.

· Fixed multiplayer player name OSD overlapping other menus.

· Fixed ‘Days Survived’ notification overlapping other menus.

· Fixed player not able to deconstruct ‘Raft Canopy’ when aiming at wooden supports.

· Fixed ‘Raft Canopy’ not refunding materials.

· Fixed ‘Megalodon’ display name.

· Fixed ‘Water Skin’ and ‘Water Bottle’ displaying incorrect name for client.

· Fixed incorrect ‘has been stored’ notification showing when crafting an item when player hands are empty.

· Fixed player able to interact with other objects while operating a vehicle.

· Fixed player able to interact with a ‘Sail’ when the raft is overturned.

· Fixed player not able to deploy an ‘Anchor’ when the raft is overturned.

· Fixed player able to use a ‘Sleeping Bag’ to save a game on a whale.

· Fixed ‘Sleeping Bag’ appearing unfolded when equipping from inventory for the first time.

· Fixed nearby ‘Gyrocopter’ rotors animating when operating a Gyrocopter.

· Fixed player A able to move after player B has initiated a sleeping sequence.

· Fixed player A able to craft after player B has initiated a sleep sequence.

· Fixed ‘Label maker’ menu overlapping game over screen when player dies using a label maker.

· Fixed ‘Spyglass’ FX remaining on screen when the player dies using a Spyglass.

· Fixed player not able to place crafting items when walking away from item piles.

· Fixed player returning to the main menu instead of the cartographer menu after exiting the map editor.

· Fixed some audio FX not playing in cartographer menu.

· Fixed able to replace maps in Cartographer that player B is occupying.

· Fixed able to replace maps in Cartographer that players are occupying in a multiplayer game.

· Fixed map editor permitting map-cycling which allowed players to place an infinite number of items in the game.

· Fixed incorrect icons displayed for ‘Giant Crab’ in map editor.

· Fixed ‘Water Still’ consuming incorrect number of leaves while sleeping.

· Fixed player not able to interact with small items after dropping them onto a poisonous ‘Starfish’.

· Changed ‘Breath Boost’ crafting recipe to use 1x Ajuga plant.

· Fixed player able to place ‘Wall’ variants while clipping with other walls.

· Fixed rotate prompts showing while placing objects that can’t be rotated.

· Fixed ‘Airtank’ not showing ‘empty’ prefix after reloading game.

· Fixed ‘Times Escaped’ tab missing from leaderboards menu.

· Fixed host teleporting to the client when the client opens the door on the aircraft carrier.

· Fixed all fish buoyancy when killed.

· Fixed clouds animating while the game is paused.

· Fixed ‘Bird Snare’ not catching birds.

· Fixed player not able to select items in quick-access toolbelt until menu is re-opened in single player mode.


I haven’t seen it yet, but glad the islands might render in again!

Thanks a lot, but please enable us to leverage next-gen performance. Best Wishes

“Fixed player able to use a ‘Sleeping Bag’ to save a game on a whale.”

People were doing WHAT!?!

lmao i laughed at this so hard

Well I wanted to get out there and see neighboring islands rendering in properly - I got out there and realized we can no longer engage anchor or sails whilst manning the rudder? Then I lost connection - four times. I reloaded again and again and each time within 10 minutes of gameplay, “error: lost connection” :pleading_face:

Thx for the update. With some next gen upgrades, I would be more than happy to spend another 500 hours in the game.

i have to ask, what was the reasoning behind this? the only purpose this seems to serve is to make it more difficult to operate a raft.

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I joined my friends game we had going when we stopped playing like 4 months ago and it kicked me out in like 2 minutes flat….

Congrats on making the rafts unplayable - if you wanted to send a message that the game is over, don’t come and play here anymore then you certainly succeeded.

Agreed. As soon as all is working well and you get used to something its changed and makes game difficult and almost unplayable which starts learning process from scratch. Who else has feeezing issues after day 30?

Hi all,

Thank you all for your feedback regarding the raft operation. The team understand that this changes how a lot of players operate their raft and are reviewing this fix based on feedback from the community.

falling off is not really a problem if you use the boat motor. if shuts off when you are not using it. it is only using the sails that makes it a pain in the arse.

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