[Console] Patch 6 - Release Info and Details

Hi Everyone!

[Patch 6], which contains a number of fixes for recently found issues is due to start rolling out at 4pm PST / Midnight UTC today 10/12/2020. This version will be listed as 2033 in the bottom left of the main menu on both Playstation and Xbox once your game is updated. Below is a list of fixes included within this patch.

Bug Fixes and Adjustments:

  • Leaderboards are now available.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the UI displaying to dark when HDR settings were turned on.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the interaction prompt for the Light Hook from displaying.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a raft to sink when placing a Light Hook on a raft with a lowered Anchor.
  • Fixed an issue that limited Raft Motor movement.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Tarps to be refunded from destroyed objects.
  • Fixed an issue that made Tarps available as an option in island creation in the Cartographer
  • Fixed an issue that gave volumetric clouds a black outline.
  • Fixed missing detail textures from Cliffs on larger islands
  • Fixed an issue that made Giant Hogs difficult to kill.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Giant Hogs from taking damage from all thrown spears.
  • Fixed an issue where night time lighting was very dark for players.
  • Fixed an issue causing collision issues with shore elements and creatures.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Shipwreck passages to appear as sealed for players.
  • Fixed missing textures for Sharks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused negative status effects to persist after a save was updated.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player location from displaying correctly in the Cartographer.

Thank you to everyone for reporting issues they have found in the [Console Bug Reports] section and the support section of our website! Please continue to do so if there is anything you wish to report. Thank you also to our community for your continued support of Stranded Deep as our team continues to work on issues reported to us by you.

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


As a reminder, please do not report issues in the comments below. If you wish to report an issue please do so in the Console Bug Reports section and I respond as soon as possible! - Thank you :slight_smile:


That’s great news thank you for sorting those issues. On a personal note thank for a fantastic game, I’m an ex British soldier with P.T.S.D and playing stranded deep helps with alot of my issues, so thanks for giving me not just a fantastic game to play but also a tool to help me cope with my challenges. So when can us console peasants expect to see the map expansion patch, not that we are impatient for more awesome content or anything. :grin:

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The fix relating to sealed passageways on wrecks…is that including huge rocks that have spawned in the cabins? Or is just for the passageway that goes below the deck?

Hi Sufurrus2510 - welcome to the forums!

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the game and have found it to be of benefit to you too :slight_smile:

The Beam Team have said they want to port as much over form PC as possibly, but there’s no timeline or direct confirmation about any future items yet. So us wonderful console people are at the wait and see stage for the moment :wink:

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Hi HatefulBlock744,

The sealed passageway fix in this patch is referring to the doors and hatches that appeared closed in the ships due to a texture bug in 2009. Where the texture appears making the area look sealed off, but it can be passed through and doesn’t appear to be sealed at all from the other side.

Did you fix an issues where it still says tarp and not cloth in create a map.

Hello, I was curious because in a previous patch you mentioned that icons change color based on the items you already crafted vs the one you haven’t for the gotta craft em all trophy. Could you clarify this? Thank you guys for your hard work this is an amazing game.

Hi Bliebent,

The item listed in the notes above “Fixed an issue that made Tarps available as an option in island creation in the Cartographer” should resolve the issue you are describing.

Hi Hot_and_crusty welcome to the forums!

Happy to clarify. When an item is crafted the grey colour behind it in the main crafting menu turns brown. Any items with grey still behind them have not yet been crafted. The quick crafting menu doesn’t change colour. Hope that helps. :slight_smile: If you need more info please ask away and if you’re not seeing this colour change please let me know in a bug report and I can investigate why it might not be showing for you.

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Ahhh thank you for the clarification. It seems to be the HDR that is the problem because I switch to a monitor without HDR and now I see the brown color change. Thank you for your quick response!

No problem! The HDR fix in this update should fix that too so you wont need to swtich it on and off to check :slight_smile:

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Awesome news team. Really appreciate the hard work your doing to this great game. Can’t wait to take a boar out with some spears instead of getting tossed all over a beach in hand to tusk battles lol.


So after installing this update my inventory dissapeared. My compass and whatever was in my toolbelt. And all my skills and craft menu is back to start

Hi LuminarySky,

I’m sorry to hear this happened to your save when it was updated. I’ve alerted the team to this issue but I’m working to narrow down why this is occuring in some saves but not others.

If you wouldnt mind, I’d greatly appreciate any information on your save and what was in your inventory before the update over in the console bug reports section.

If anyone else experiences an issue with inventory and skills, please summit a console bug report with what was in your inventory (if you recall) and what version your save was made in (1820, 2009 etc) and any other info you feel may be relevant.

Thank you! And apologise in advance if I’m delayed responding to you!

After the shark clipping through the sand two weeks ago…almost gave me a heart attack. Now, I can play again! I LOVE THIS GAME!


thank you. for listening. going to check it out.

I’ve created a Known Issue report should anyone else be experiencing this issue. Thank you everyone who has reported information so far, this has helped us narrow down this issue quickly.

At some point they will send an update in which you can play cooperatively as on PC? it is something I would like to know since my brother and I are very lovers of the game, I would appreciate if it was a positive answer :heart: for now there is no bug in the game :slight_smile: