[Console] Message from the Team, 2022-09-19

Hi everyone!

Below are some progress updates from behind the scenes from Beam Team. This list does not include everything being tackled by the team, so if you don’t see an issue you’ve experienced / reported, please do not worry, the team will be looking into every issue reported by players.

Issues that are waiting for QA to verify as fixed:

  • PS4/XB1 - Fixed issue with losing input when switching to another item immediately after using a reloadable tool like a bow or speargun.
  • PS4/XB1/PC - Fixed Seafarer achievement unlocking.
  • PS4/XB1 - Fixed “Call Me Ahab” achievement not unlocking.
  • PS4/XB1 - Fixed “Two of Each” achievement not unlocking.
  • PS4/XB1 - Fixed Snakes not attacking player in single player mode.
  • PS4/XB1 - Fixed players colliding with raft sails.
  • PS4/XB1/PC - Fixed game loading errors for players using a non-Gregorian calendar, eg: Arabic, Thai.
  • PS4/XB1 - Fixed notifications showing when loading game – “Knife has been stored in backpack” etc.

Issues currently working on:

  • PS4/XB1 - The much-requested Item Piles feature is currently being integrated into PS4/XB1.
  • PS4/XB1/PC - Identified causes of some multiplayer disconnects. We’re working on repros and fixing causes as they are found.
  • PS4/XB1 - Working on reproducing an issue where Inventory and Toolbelt data is not saved.
  • PS4/XB1 - Working on reproducing an issue where Crates change positions when reloading.
  • PS4/XB1 - Working on identifying the cause of rafts moving in random directions.

Issues that require further investigation or we need tighter repro steps for:

  • PS4/XB1 - Disconnected clients can’t reconnect to the host game. We may have found a repro for this last Fri and will be looking into it more in the coming weeks.
  • PS4/XB1 - Toolbelt slots not unlocking on reload.
  • PS4/XB1 - Story items remaining locked in the crafting menu.
  • PS4/XB1 - Crafting menu resetting items that have been crafted.

As well as this, user Santeria318 sent some questions they had compiled from the community which Sam has answered. Some of these questions were PC based so they’re hosted over in the PC update here - [PC] Message from the Team, 2022-09-19 - but I think all members of the community might find them interesting!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support while the team continues their work to resolve issues reported by the community. If you have an issue you wish to report, please do not hesitate to post it in the Console Bug Reports section. Any extra information about a player’s experience is valued by the team as it can help them to replicate issues on their end which in turn can help them to narrow down the cause. Though the team may not always get a chance to respond to every report, we do go through them and greatly appreciate them.

Stay Alive!

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Hi Clare, just wondering what is meant by:

Will sails in the next update have no collision at all with the player character? Or will the effect of the two colliding simply be reduced to prevent small rafts getting launched all over? If the former, will other items still collide with the sails, or will everything clip through them?

This does affect the viability of larger raft designs in the game (at least for the PlayStation version) and I wonder if it won’t just make it more difficult to steer one’s rafts, especially when transporting cargo (I foresee shipping containers becoming even more frustrating). But then, if it’s merely a reduced hitbox on the sail or reduced responsiveness to being bonked around, I guess it shouldn’t affect it too much.

Any information at all would be appreciated! Thanks for all your hard work, and especially for taking the time to communicate and share with us.

Hi Esmiux,

Thank you for your message, this is a good question and I want to double check with the team to make sure I have the info right. Please bear with me while I pass this quesiton onto the team and get answer for you! I’ll respond here again and tag you when I have one so you wont miss it :slight_smile:

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Hi Esmiux, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this. Sam confirmed that the collider for the sail will be removed for players to prevent them bumping into it. This will then be in line with how the collider currently works on PC for the sail, and should not cause any issues with using the sail or steering rafts etc.

I believe the fix is in response to players reporting bumping into masts and causing issues with rafts being pushed or launched in the same direction as the collision.

Thanks again for your communication, Clare, and thanks to Sam for answering my question! Much appreciated :blush:

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Do we have a timescale, of when this update will drop. Put many hours into multiplayer only for our game to be unplayable due to lag from our piles etc, waiting for the update, to re download the game.

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Item piles for console is great… however … will console get the rest of the update that went with those? Larger map etc?

I was going to ask that aswell :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3: they do at some point would love to see it happen. Ps just subscribed to your youtube channel bud :+1:t3:

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Interested about the date too. Its been 7 months now. I dont play with my friend untill the next update cause its immpossible in multiplayer.