[Console Crosspost] Multiplayer Launch Update!

Hi everyone!

We’re super excited to announce that the next Stranded Deep update containing Online Co-op is rolling out tomorrow – 28th of September, on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation and Xbox! You will now be able to invite a friend to join you on your island and share your Stranded Deep adventure. We’re thrilled to bring this widely requested feature to players and can’t wait to see how you tackle the islands together!

The release varies by region and platform so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away. The number in the bottom left of the main menu will change to 0.90.00 for PC versions and 2071 for console versions once the update is installed.

Stay Alive!
Beam Team

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Quick note - this update contains some fixes too! We’ll be sharing the patch notes soon in a seperate post :slight_smile:


Exciting! Congrats.

From the way this post is worded, it sounds like you can invite them to your current single-player save/world. Is this correct? Or do you have to start with a new save?

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Hi Burnhill, yes I believe this is how Multiplayer works but I’m not sure whether a new save is required or not. I’ll send a message to the team to check and let you know as soon as I can!

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This is a great addition.

May I ask - is it possible to do split screen local co op too?

I got a response from the team re the saves!

Single player and Multiplayer are two different save types so you will need to start a new save for Multiplayer. However, if you start a new Multiplayer save alone it is the same as single player. You will then have the option to invite people at a later stage. You will also have the option to set the Multiplayer save to Private, meaning only friends can join or Non Private meaning random survivors can join your adventure.

Hi PrinceMinky,

While this update does not contain splitscreen for console, I’ll pass this request onto the team for you!

Why is there ps5 in the title is there a ps5 upgrade?!?

any chance for cross-platform multiplayer?

Hi Ahmadm48,

I believe PS5 is included in the title of the Sony trailer because Stranded Deep is available on the PS4 and PS5. While I know some fixes have been included in this update alongside the addition of the Online Co-Op feature, I do not believe there are specific PS5 upgrades.

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Hi Oblivion, welcome to the forums!

Though the Online Co-Op feature mentioned above is not cross platform, I will pass your request onto the team :slight_smile:

I wonder how many units of meat I can get from my co-op partner…asking for a friend.


Would I be able to play from my PS5 with my friend on his PS4?

Hi Vandalizer25, welcome to the forums,

Yes, as it’s the same version, just running on the PS5 your friend will be able to join you and you can join them.

Hi Clare,

Can’t seem to find anything regarding stacking of items for console in the update?

Can this be confirm its included into console ver like the PC ver?


Hi Choonggie, welcome to the forums

I’m afraid I don’t have the list of fixes and changes that are in this update yet. So I can’t confirm if it was ported with this update or not. I’ll see if I can find out for certain sooner for you.

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Update applied to my PS4 today. Items now dropping through the sand and disappearing, annoying beeps every time my inventory is full and I point to a crate into which I’m going to deposit items (I don’t want to pick it up…I don’t need a warning message just because I’m looking at an item and my inventory is full). Worst of all, I’ve had 3 crashes (never had a crash before today in over a month of play). Every crash occurs while I’m trying to save and each time on a new island I’m exploring, so I’ve lost a lot of game time already.
And the lag…the lag is WAY worse than it ever was before. Even on islands without any builds yet. Simply turning my character to the side and I get lots of lag.

What did you guys do to my game??


I look forward to reading the patch notes

The game has always been laggy when u make big builds, large boats, or lots of supplies in the same area. I thought this update would had made this issue disappear but it appears to have not changed…