Can't build on raft

Seems to be a recent issue. This is on PS4 Version 1.18 played on PS5.

As you can see, I’ve built this raft, and stuff on it successfully, but now it won’t let me build anything on it. You can also see the raft is well in the water, no restrictions.

I could only build more raft floors if I used bundled stick raft floors. If I tried tires or buoys, it wouldn’t allow me to attach new raft floors tp the existing raft.

I took off my rudder to expand the raft, but now it won’t even let me build a new rudder. Incidentally, it doesn’t allow me to rotate the item I’m trying to craft either. It also won’t let me build Container Shelves, or sails. everything stays red and nothing snaps into place.

Hi Teknokraze, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue in your save.

Can you confirm for me that the version number in the bottom left of the main menu shows version 2116 (As the PS version number can vary slightly in different regions).

If you recently updated, please try clearing the cache of your console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins before rebooting the game to see if that helps at all?

Thank you for providing this video, I shall pass it onto the team for them to look into.

Hi Clare,

Thanks for the reply, but to no avail. Version, according to loading screen, is 2116. Deleting cache did nothing for it.

Before your answer, I had started a second game on a different save slot. Made it to day 22, then tried to edit my raft. I successfully expanded my raft by building wooden raft bases and plank floors. But then I went to move one of my container shelves to a different location. I broke down my existing container shelf, then tried to build another one, but now I can’t build anything on my raft again. Nothing snaps, stays red, and if I try to place it where it should work, it says somethings in the way. This is game breaking because I can no longer add anything to my raft.

If I remember correctly, this is when I ran into trouble on my previous game save as well, I had deleted a Sail to move it to a different spot on my raft, but after deconstructing it, I could no longer build anything on the raft. So it may have to do with deconstructing anything on your raft, it then glitches the ability to rebuild anything else.

Incidentally, clearing the cache is much more involved on PS5, and I think PS4 as well, shutting it off and unplugging it for two minutes does nothing. (I think that’s an Xbox 360 method actually).

To clear the cache for PS5, you need to press and hold the power button until it beeps a second time, then press and hold the power button until the second beep while powering on. You then get a menu, for which you choose “Clear Cache and Rebuild Database”. You then select to just clear the cache.

Alas, none of this helped the game.

Hi Teknokraze, thank you for that info,

I’m sorry to hear that those suggestions didn’t work that the issue occured again in a new save. I will inform the team and share the details of how the issue occurs for you in game.

Thank you also for educating me on the cache clearing of the PS5. I had not realised it was a seperate function - which makes a lot of sense and will update how I suggest this to players going forward.

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I can destroy, (deconstruct), my raft afterwards, no problem, but not build on it at all.

However, in a recent new play, the glitch happened. I then deconstructed everything on my raft except the bases and floors, and then could rebuild everything. Sad thing is, even with crafting level 6, you don’t receive all resources back, so I had to make sure I had extra resources to rebuild. Haven’t confirmed this is consistent, but will soon, because my raft glitched again.

Thank you for that additional info Teknokraze, I’ll update my report to the team and keep an eye out for further information from you.

@teknokraze, I’ve been doing extended testing for this issue and haven’t been able to reproduce it so far. It seems to be consistent for you so if you have any more info on steps to reproduce it would be greatly appreciated. I will continue to investigate in the meantime.

Edit: Are you able to send a copy of your save file?

Having issues, I’ll do this in a bit.

Ok, got it sorted. So in this game save I recently deconstructed a container shelf and my rudder to move things around. I have the materials in my inventory to reconstruct them, but I cannot. Trying to build on the raft, nothing snaps where it should.

Just to reiterate, this is update 2116, PS4 game played on PS5.

Download teknokraze game save: Click Here

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Thanks so much, I will investigate asap.

This issue has been found and fixed in the next patch. For now, move your raft closer to the island and you should be able to place new attachments.

Well, I look forward to it. Thank you for your efforts.