[2116] Destroying raft bases

Just a follow up on this the rafts also STILL cant be destroyed latest update new save, the exact problem occurs once you place container shelves on a raft, if you then destroy the shelves the whole raft is undestroyable, if no container shelves were ever placed there is no problem

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Hi Breckabick,

I moved your post to its own thread as it is reporting a different issue related to rafts.

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with deconstructing raft bases after the fix was released in 2116. However as you mentioned it occuring after destroying shelves, I believe it could be a secondary issue to the fixed issue that the team will want to investigate.

To ensure I understand the issue correctly, please let me know:

  • Prior to adding shelves to your raft, could you destory the base parts?
  • Since reporting this issue, have you noticed any other items affecting rafts in this way?
  • Can you destroy base parts while the shelves are intact, or does the issue only occur after the shelves are destroyed?
  • When destroyed, are the container shelves refunding materials? This should be the case after the update to 2116, but if they’re not appearing, it could be related to the issue.
  • If you exit and reload your save, can you destroy raft parts then?

Thank you, any additional information about what is occuring in your save would be greatly appreciated and of great help to the team investigating

Hi clare, thankyou for your response, to put it simply once container shelves are added to rafts, it then makes most of the raft undestroyable. And if container shelves are present on the raft, any additional bases and floors added to the raft also encounter the same problem. Destroying the container shelves does indeed give back the resources as per the update, and if no container shelves were added to a raft it is destroyable fully not a problem. My geuss is if you destroy container shelves on the raft it doesnt register them being gone thus giving the notification of supporting other structures. Hope this helps clare and would be interested in other peoples feedback. I no longer use the shelves on rafts becuase it happens every time

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Sorry forgot to mention also re loading the save does not fix the issue. And also this is a single player save not multiplayer. I hope other people have also found this an issue just to confirm the problem. Thanks again for the response clare

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@Breckabick this issue has been fixed for next update.


Ideal sam thanks for the info!

I have also had issues destroying raft bases since the version 2116 update. I’m playing on Xbox One, single player, no custom islands, and started the game on v.2111. The raft I built (in v.2111) has six tyre raft bases and is highlighted in diagram 1. I added a single barrel base to the raft and destroyed the barrel base after travelling to another island without deconstructing anything on the raft (still playing v.2111, see diagram 2). Since v.2116 I have added a barrel raft base which I am unable to destroy, see diagram 03. Both times (diagram 2 and diagram 3) the barrel base was only attached on 1 side.

As a new user I’m only able to upload one image file, but I can provide more diagrams for the development team if requested.

I have removed all structures from the raft (sails, anchors, rudders etc.) and all of the raft floors and can not destroy any of the raft bases. I tried TwistedShadowSaf’s suggestion of turning the raft upside down but that didn’t help. I have tried Picaro’s solutions of adding other bases to the raft and trying to find the “the right” stuck base but still can’t destroy any bases. I have travelled to different islands and re-loaded the game but that hasn’t changed anything. I built a new raft base out of buoys and barrels and can destroy all of those bases.

It is possible that this is same issue as Breckabick with container shelves on the raft. But raft demolition seems to be behaving differently on v.2116 than it was in v.2111 as I could destroy a barrel base on the raft with container shelves in v.2111 but cannot destroy a barrel base on the same raft in v.2116.

I like Picaro’s suggestion of a unique tool for destroying raft bases, even as a temporary solution I think it would be a useful quality of life addition.

I hope this information can help the team resolve this issue as it seems to be a persistent one.

P.S. I did receive materials back when destroying the container shelves on the raft.
P.P.S. Thank you for fixing the ‘unable to pick up container’ in the latest patch


Evergreen did you have container shelves on the raft at any point? The devs have replied to me saying this is fixed for the next update, this is definitely an issue and it breaks the entire raft so you can no longer destroy anything no matter what positions things are attatched

Hi Breckabick, yes the raft has 2 container shelves on it. My issue seems to align with what you and Sam have said about the container shelves on rafts. Whilst playing in v.2111 I was able to destroy a raft base attached (on one side) to the raft with the shelves. However in v.2116 I have been unable to destroy any raft bases on the same raft. Tonight I will test building and destroying a new raft with and w/o container shelves and let you know what happens in the Xbox version. Fingers crossed the container shelves are the issue and as Sam says it has been resolved.

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Be interesting to see your results, i reckon its definitly the same issue :+1:

So I tested a few raft builds over the weekend but wasn’t able to recreate the ‘container shelves make raft undestroyable’ issue on Xbox 1. I could destroy raft bases adjacent to a base w/ container shelves, destroy raft bases after building and destroying container shelves, I even deconstructed the raft after saving and reloading the game. I performed the test on a 1x3 raft with barrel and stick bases. Just thought I’d share my results.

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Thats interesting to know, my rafts have always been a bit bigger, although il test another raft later ti see and share my results also

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Just an update regarding the known issue with raft shelves, iv just discovered that once i placed a barrels section to my bouy ball raft, it cant be destroyed. No container shelves ever placed on the raft

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Not sure if people have been very clear. For me everything on the raft can be deconstructed, just not the raft bases. As soon as you place any top piece, such as sails, rudders, shelves, even if you place them on the far end of the raft, if you deconstruct a floor and try and deconstruct a raft base, it says it’s supporting another structure.

So, for example, if you have a 4 x 5 size raft, but decide you want to take a row off of one of the sides, you have to deconstruct everything on the surface of the raft, (maybe not the floors except those on the bases you want to remove), before you can deconstruct the bases. So I can’t just remove my rudder and anchor, and/or move some shelves to a different location on the raft and deconstruct a row of bases from the raft. Instead you have to remove everything built on the surface of the raft.

So, if you want to deconstruct any raft bases, you have to strip everything off of the raft, and then it’ll let you add/remove raft bases once you remove the floors over the bases you wish to remove.

If you have anything constructed on the surface of your raft, you can sometimes add a raft base, but as soon as you do, you cannot remove it again unless you remove all sails, rudders, motors, shelves etc.

Didnt work for me, and to be fair they said its fixed for next update, although that could be a long time. We wait forever for these updates, then spend 3 months complaining how the updates have broken something else. Sort of give up now like most people

This sounds similar to what I experienced except I attached a barrel base to a tyre base raft.

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Another update on this, i made a massive wood raft (all sticks) put about 10 container shelves on it to move my base to another island, de constructed the shelves and floor after moving islands and once again didnt let me destroy the base. Saved and re loaded a few days later and i could fully destroy it! It was all made of sticks but i was so happy after reloading i could do it

[Xbox series x (×2)](coop, same household, usa west coast, direct tether to cox modem) having difficulty adding more rows than 4 on the boat, however, we did break down the boat in one day but all barrels, bouys, and barrels completely gone, no scraps for rebuild at all… I expect losing a few but all of them? We also destroyed all sails, crate cases, rudder, anchor, and floors before doing the base.