Cannot host or join Multiplayer

i have the same problem, i canot host or join a server

Hi Vampire, welcome to the forums,
I’ve moved your post to its own topic so I can treat it as a separate report and ask you some followup questions regarding your experience.

Please let me know:

  • What platform are you playing on?
  • What version of the game are you playing (this number should be in the bottom right of the main menu)
  • What region are you trying to connect to? Have you tried other regions?
  • Are you attempting to join public games? If joining a friends game, are you using an invite or using “join session” from a friends list?
  • What is the NAT type of your console (this is in the network settings of the console itself).
  • If you are trying to connect with a friend, what is their NAT type?
  • Are you using a wired or wireless connection?
  • Have you ever been able to host or connect to a multiplayer save? If so, was there anything that changed in your connection setup or with your provider around this time?
  • Please also confirm your PSplus / Xbox subscription is active as this is required for a multiplayer game.

Any additional information you can provide about your experience would be greatly appreciated as it can help me to determine if this is the same issue as the one experienced by the other player that reported it or if there could be another issue here that requires investigation.

Thank you.