Buildings and Equipment

Helloo! Hope you guys are all doing well. I just wanted to express some of my thoughts and opinions about the recent stranded deep updates and the overall gameplay in general. I really love the game! I’ve been playing for years! Sadly though on the console version… Theres a few things on Console that I really wish would go back to how they were or change for the better. Can any of you still build equipment like a fireplace/smoker/furnace/loom/tanning rack inside buildings and not just on the ground? Aswell can you guys any longer put raft canopy’s over the rudder/engine area or crate shelves/light pole areas? Or build in places that you usually wouldn’t be able to like cliffs or close to other structures? Ever since the new update building has been very limited to me as I have experienced you can no longer move and place things like you used to be able to with hammer. Example - you could make a spot blue or white that would mostly show red and not be able to be put but could be bypassed. Like build/put soemthing there that was generally harder to do so like building by cliffs or farm plots or even in certain island spots like the edges or around rocks. It shows blue/white for a quick second like it used to do, but now you can’t place it no matter how long you try or where you try. It really sucks… as it limits so much of what you can do for building. Also just my opinion… but I would really love and hope to see equipment being able to be put inside buildings normally as it would add a ton more functionality to them and depth overall. Having to go outside to do all that stuff isn’t very convenient especially in limited spaces or small islands. To me it would look and function a lot better being able to be placed and used on top of a foundation or soemthing in a house/hut. Right now buildings aren’t what they could be regarding that… as all you can do right now is kinda limited you can put a bed, container shelf, containers and limited furniture inside which sadly you cannot sit on or use other then the tables which are nice as you can put some things on them! Would be so awesome to see more stuff like that added in the future like hammock or taller shelf or something. It would be really cool to have the freedom to be able to have different rooms with different purposes and thing inside them instead of what’s just avaible now and always having to place them outside on the ground. Also how great would it be if we could get sharks for custom islands? Or even animals that respawn? I know we are probably far away from that still but to me that would make the game so so much better than it already is. I would play even more then I do now which is saying a lot lol Thanks for reading this and hopefully it gets to someone important on the beam team. Please please let me know if you guys have any temporary solutions or anything in the mean time regarding all of this! Thank you.

Hi CaptainBlueSky,

Thank you for sharing your feedback based on your gameplay experience with Stranded Deep - I’m glad to hear you enjoy the game too! I shall pass your feedback onto the team and I will keep an eye on this thread as I’d be interested to hear if other players have experienced a change in building limitations similar to what you’ve mentioned above.

With regards to animals respawning on custom islands, this was added in Patch 6 but appears to have an issue at the moment, I have a report for the team filed on it and have noted your experience in the report also.

And while I know the workarounds are not ideal, there are some for placing things inside buildings in this topic - [Known Issue] Difficulty placing crafting stations inside buildings - You may have already seen / tried them before, but if not I hope they’re of some help.