Bug issue in day 7 after update. Xbox1 S

*[Platform] Xbox1 S

[Game Version] 2071

[Affected Topic] No interactions after day 7 (For me)

Repeated testing on multiple Xbox1 systems.

Summary The game plays absolutely fine until after the 7th day and 13:00 hours on game watch.

Seed Unsure, but, default settings and also randomized map at beginning. I’ve tried it both ways several times.

This number can be found at the bottom of the cartographer
For latest test its is #53918376

Settings Default, no changes, no map editing.

Steps Literally the basics. By day seven. This would be 1 save shelter created.
1 wood farming with a pipi plant (Sometimes).
1 water still.
1 camp fire
1 smoker.
1 loom.
1 basic ax
1 refined knife
1 crude hoe (that name sounds terrible)
1 fish trap placed deep enough to catch medium fish.
1 Bird snare (sometimes) used just to level up the crafting skill.
1 Tool belt 3 to 4 pockets depending on test and available materials.

Literally a speed run kinda just to reach the bug issue.on day 7.

No extra harvesting or trees cut down that’s is not needed to create these.

Literally the basics to stay healthy without a struggle.

Note: This absolutely effects all islands if I try to go to another island after bug.

Reloading system or saved games after does not prevent the issue.

Catch cleared with restarts and hard reboots.

Also sometimes the catch has been cleared by restarts and loading a different game first to have a different game loaded in the catch first.

I can absolutely recreate the bug on demand at 7 days and roughly 13:30 hours. Still testing the time but it happens after 1300 hours it seems.

I’ve tested this on 3 xbox systems at home and on systems as well as at friends or with online friends using twitch to stream live.

I’m new at this site but willing to answer any questions or demonstrate this using live streaming. Pictures won’t reveal much.

I would love to see someone stream this game live from a new save to compare notes.

Hi DanBurke420,

Thank you for taking the time to layout these details for me, I really appreciate it, I’ll will forward this to the team.

You mentioned speedrunning to day 7, do you sleep at the shelter or play through the night?
Do you know how long in real world time it would take you to get from save start to day 7?

In real time it takes roughly about 4 hours I believe. That’s a hard one to answer because you get lost in the game. But I will note that on my next new save attempt.

I’ve tried it sleeping every night… not at all and sleeping about 3 or 4 times before the 7th day

Thanks DanBurke420. There is definately a timing element to this, wherever it starts so knowing times inside and outside the game would be helpful. I’m pass your approximation onto the team anyway and if you get through your Day 7 run again, please keep me updated.

Will do. I don’t want to load any of my previous saves because I don’t want the bug issue in them. However, I could try it just to see if the 7 in game days remain the same. That is to say if a previous game before the patch was at say 60 if the bug kicks in at day 67. These would be huge bases however with no way to see what triggers it.

It would be really interesting to know if you hit 7 days on a pre-existing save too. But I understand not wanting to use them just incase - it may be worth backing them up if you can as the nature of the issue is still unclear.

Do you have any really tall buildings in these saves? djacouma mentioned in another thread that they had a really tall tower in theirs and when they loaded in they couldn’t interact with items at the top of the tower right from the begining. I’d be curious to see if this is the same in any of your saves if you have tall structures and if you decide to look at one. I believe they said theirs was 10 floors tall :thinking:

After the latest update any of my favorite bases are so big the frame rate drops to almost only 1 frame per second.

Where before I could play them with just a little lag.

This is why I started a new game actually.

I realize this is another issue so I haven’t brought that up.

But I’ll see if I have any that is playable, or not to large for this upgrade.

I’ll make a note of that anyway too as I have a report submited to the team on the lag increase. Always good to mention as it can help me track frequency :+1:

Seems my frame rate is so terrible I can only test this on a prior game by going to a new island. I have bases built in the cliffs and stuff that is just to much for the xbox1 to process it seems. No way to give a fair estimate on time.

Thank you for trying anyway!

In your new 7day-saves, I know you mentioned you don’t do any extra harvesting, but would you use or collect all the coconuts on your island in that time?

No. I only use maybe 4. One or two before a water still is working for water. And then 1 for the still and one to water the pipi plant.

Thanks for confirming that for me :slight_smile:

Heh, coconuts are bad. :wink:

Something I noticed. I never stay on the first small island. I grab the rocks sticks cloth or anything I see laying real fast and then row to the closest big island I see with cliffs I can build in later if it would let me.

Thing is this is always random. So far out of all these saves I haven’t ran into any snakes. Big pigs…small pigs and crabs yes. But I’ve yet to see a snake. If that’s of any importance…

I just timed it in real life time. It took right at 3 hours and 50 minutes from a new save until it glitched.

However many days you can budget into that time frame is what I’ll try next. I think I slept in game like 5 times.

Ok I made sure to sleep every night in the game. This time I made into the 8th day for little over 2 hours of game time. At a little over 2AM it glitched. The only thing I could imagine that I do that people could change in these few days is create a smoker, fish trap and toolbelt . Everything else is almost a must have. In this test there were no medium fish or cod spawning at all.

Note: Still not seen a snake yet. I may test this by creating an island of my own to go to and absolutely make sure it has snakes.

Have been having this issue since yesterday as well. PS4, have the digital copy, which I have deleted all files for as well as have recreated it on the Play streaming service.

I have tried many different seeds as well as custom islands, and have attempted doing as much and as little as I can within the 7ish days. Happens both traveling and staying on an island.
Have tried with and without volumetric clouds on, as it seemed to happen at the same time as a sizable lag while lighting changed each time.

Some oddities I’ve noticed is no palm tree that I’ve come across has 2 coconuts. And no Night Snakes that I’ve seen.

Same Issue at PS4 on Online Multiplayer.

At or after day 7 wo can do nothing. We have played 4h non stop.
the error persists even after loading the saved game.

We reinstall the digital Copy of Stranded Deep, but after day 7 the game starts to spin.


Not sure if this has been addressed yet. But I started a new game, random seed, included 1 custom island as a female character, passive animals, no volumetric clouds. Was able to stay on the starter island for a full 8 days without the glitch. Day 7 did have a massive amount of lag. At the end of the 8th day I left on a made raft and went to the nearest island. Was able to make a shelter and save and harvest several items, no glitch still. Now just starting the 9th day. Unfortunately I haven’t been to a cliff Island so I haven’t been able to check to see if the night snakes are there, but there were no double coconut trees on either Island so far.

To what your saying about no snakes. Im a new player since the day of the update but in 3 playthroughs around 30 in game days ive never seen a snake since i played this game.

Had no idea there were supposed to be snakes till i watched some Youtube vids

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