Bug craft items

Hello I would like to platinum your game but I can’t because it has a trophy that I have to build all the items but I can’t build the hook and the flag holder can you enlighten me about this thank you. The game is very nice!

Hi SHIFT-FORCE_QC13, welcome to the forums,

The team are currently working on and testing the fix an issue that prevents the hook and shelf from being crafted in game - While they can only be crafted by attaching them to walls, this isn’t something that you are doing wrong, it is an error in the game that should hopefully be fixed soon.

The team are also working on issues with other items remaining locked in the crafting menu, such as the tool belts or “Story” items, and other issues that can affect the “Gotta Craft Them All” Achievement and players getting their plantinum

The latest info on the next update can be found here: Message from the Team - Console Update Progress Info and as soon as I have a release date and confirmation on all the fixes that will be included in the update, I’ll create a new post in News and Announcements with that info.

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Can you give me an estimation of the time we have to wait or is it too much to say to prevent . Sorry for my english im french


At the moment the team is working on some additional testing for fixes for the next update. Once these tests are complete the updates will be sent to Sony and Microsoft for review and approval. After that, so long as no changes are requested, the updates will then be queued for release.

Unfortunately due to the different steps and factors involved in this process, it is difficult to estimate the release date of an update. The time it takes to test a fix can depend on the issue itself and the time to review the update before release can vary too. This means I cannot even estimate for the community what a release date could be as any guess I make could be way off.

However the team are aware of the impact these issues are having and are working to get the update out as quickly as possible. As soon as I have enough info that will allow us to either narrow down the release window of the update, or confirmation of the actual release, I will make a post so the community knows it’s on the way.