Bug cant interact

When is a update coming to fix the unable to interact with objects bug coming out? I just paid 25$ for a game that dont work.i want my money Back !

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I’m having the same problem in PS4
after playing for a while objects stop responding like they are not exist

Hi Grandmasteryoda,

I moved your post to the general discussion section as it is not a bug report.

I do not have an eta for a fix yet, in case you didn’t see it I updated my post earlier - [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions

I do not have access to player accounts (to mark the game as refunded) or payment information here. If you wish to seak a refund please contact store support for the playform where you purchased the game as all refunds need to through them.

Hi FouaD, welcome to the forums,

Please see the link in my comment above for more information on this issue.