Blue screen at save

cannot save without blue screen. its 50/50 every save. sometimes i cant even save once. my game is completely up to date. there doesnt seem to be any pattern. i quit playing for now and have just been checking the forums daily hoping to hear that it is fixed.

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Hi Chiasson,

I’m sorry to hear the crashing is still affecting your save. Am I right in recalling you are playing on PS4? Is this a new save you started or one created in an earlier version?

I know this issue is frustrating and I completely understand waiting for fixes. If you still have the save, would it be possible to send us a copy of your save file? It may help the team in resolving the issue and testing fixes that can be released to the community.

If you’re happy to do so, the instructions are here: [Save File Request]

Here the same on ps 4. So manny times i get the bleu screen at saving. It randomly occeurs. But it realy is not mutch fun annymore. I try to save as manny times as possible but always afraid for the bleu screen.

Hi Diether,

I’m sorry to hear this is happening in your save too. If you are happy to provide extra information about your experience, I would be interested to know…

  • how old / established your save is
  • Do you have a lot of loose items on your island?
  • Do you have a lot of construction on your island?
  • Do you use custom islands to gather extra resources?

Any addition information about your save, gameplay style and if any one location is more affected by the crashes could help the team in investigating this issue. If you are happy to share your save, please see the save file request link above.

I play online private and alone. My game has begon a few days before the last update. I am 120 days alive and have a big bild with over 50 crates in racks. 2 rafts both 30 crates. I have 5 custom islands. Never been on the starter island. Also some of my crates go wondering around after a save and 2 of my racks only take 2 crates.

Sorry forgot, no loose items.

Hi Diether,
Thank you for confirming those details. More established saves and with large builds is something the team are looking into regarding the impact then can have of both lag and saving. Do you experience any lag / drops in FPS on your island base?

I shall add your details to my report for the team. I also have a report on shelves being affected / crates moving and not being able to place crates back on shelves and I’ll include your details on that report to and note the potential link for the team.

When i return to my base island the lag is terrible. It is the worst when i am on my raft. A bit less when i return with my gyro. On the island itself i don’t have mutch lag but it is there. When i look to the wood of my building i see the laging the moste. A new thing i experience, is the giant crabs walking under my build deep in the water and dissapearing, a bit like the boars. Allso i axidently trew a spear hitting nothing and it took up in the air. I could see it go horizonty up in the air not fast at all. I allso meanwhile have about 50 racks full of crates on my island and one crate moves from the island crate to one of my rafts crate. Always the same crate and when it has moved it is attacht on the raft rack but not in the place it belongs it hangs on the side. It allso seems for the moment at the 5th or 6th save i get the blue screen. 1 time i got the bleu screen in the game without saving just while playing. The only loose objects on my island are 4 tyres and 2 kindling to start my fires.

Sorry for the delay in responding, thank you for that extra information Diether. I have seen other players report issues with crates (which can affect lag) and creatures clipping under buildings. While I’m not sure if they’re directly related to your experience, I shall make a of your crashes on these other reports too and they could be contributing to the issue.

When you threw the spear that moved upwards, was it over ground or water? (I believe the team have a report on this already but I want to make sure it’s the same)

The spear flew over the ground. Meanwhile i’ve got multiple crates change place and even just in plane air hanging as iv it hanges in a shelve. The crates even made my raft flip over beceaus there where a few loose crates spawned on it. The shelves that have only 2 places get more allso.

Thanks for that extra info Diether, I’ll note these for the team. If you experience any other issues, so we don’t bring this thread too much further off topic, please create a new bug report and I can address issues experienced in your saves directly there.

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