Are we going to get a next gen console update or not?

It’s currently October 5th… 2022

The Xbox Series S/X was released on 10th November, 2020.

It’s been literally 1 year, 10 months, 16 days since the new console was released and we STILL don’t have any next gen update for this game on current consoles!

I logged in today and the performance on my console which can run other, more complex games at 120fps and THIS game STILL runs the same as it did on the Xbox One - a little built up base and welcome to sub 30fps!

Are you even kidding me Devs?

The Survival Genre is popular on console. We have some real bangers already with more on the way…

Minecraft, Subnautica, Ark, DayZ, No Man’s Sky & Grounded.

Do you know what THEY all have in common that this game doesn’t?

Next gen console support - silky 60fps frames (locked on Series X) and many of them have had this since the console launched!

At this point, Stranded Deep is just embarrassing…

Look, I appreciate that you have a smaller team here to work with and the process of rolling out updates for this game is painfully slow when you have a small team but come on now, how can you have this game released for nearly TWO YEARS on next gen console and have no actual performance enhancement updates released?

Urgh. I’ve tried so hard to be patient with this game as I truly believe in the core gameplay experience is both unique and engaging, but the absolutely woeful performance of this product after this amount of time just makes it impossible to recommend or support.

Other games that focus on regular content releases and has solid performance continues to get support.

This game is just going to die on the vine, with a frustrated community lamenting nothing more than what could have been.

I’m not angry with you Beamteam, I’m just disappointed…



That would be AWESOME! … unfortunately I don’t think it will happen.

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Nope, I check in on occasion but it’s clear the Devs just don’t give a damn about supporting this game at all on console.

Bear minimum effort so they don’t get their product pulled from the Microsoft store.

That basically sums this game up.

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I feel your pain and frustration man. I have been waiting for a long time for this game to get a next-gen update, but before that, I have been waiting for a performance update when I was playing it on my Xbox One X. I do believe the game will get this update, but not sure when that’ll be. Have you played Green Hell? It is good too and very challenging. Something to try while waiting for this update.

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I don’t know how xbox’s online membership works, but I can tell you that PSN’s membership program gives you 2-3 games per month. Stranded Deep was one of these games back in 2020 and I’m willing to bet that a significant chunk of PS4/PS5 people that play this game never actually paid for it. If the same thing happened with xbox, I’m willing to bet BeamTeam views this IP as a cost with no further hope for returns. Their main goal seems to be to get the game fully playable, then move on and hope we all get bored.

I’m one of the players on PS4 that did download Stranded for free, but I would have no problem with the devs charging 30 dollars for a 1.0 working version of this game with continuing support. I think the game would hold players a lot longer if clunky aspects of the game are hashed out and there was promises of expansion to the console version. Honestly I’d even pitch them more money for future add-ons / dlc’s, but unfortunately, I don’t see this pipe dream being what winds up happening.

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Same here. If I had to buy the game to keep development going, I’d consider my debt with Sony for “giving” me an incomplete game and not the development team.

And this game has so much potential! I would even call it one of my favorites for PS4. But due to the numerous bugs that have plagued it for the past 7 years (and carried over to console for the past 3 years) and the confirmed lack of features coming, I am super bummed. There’s no tactful way for them to ask their fanbase to buy a game that was already “given” to the fans by Sony as part of their monthly membership.

Stranded Deep is still available via PS+ Extra

PSN’s games of the month is a bit different than Xbox because people don’t realize that PlayStation started giving better free games and better options because of their two month long hack back in April of 2011. It is Sony’s way of saying “I’m sorry”, so better games should be on the list each month. Xbox is just doing it because they want to, (and most likely to not leave out Xbox fans) but it lacks the better games given. Today, games with Gold is slowly going away because the focus is Game Pass. Anyway, Stranded Deep has been on sale on Xbox multiple times at $9.99. I bought it for $19.99. I play it off and on, but not as much as I used to. I started Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey which is a fantastic survival game except you play as apes. I didn’t spend too much money on Stranded Deep, and I’ve bought many terrible games more expensive. The best thing to do here is just wait, get into something else in the meantime, until the devs bring out an update. I’m not sure why they take so long on console updates, but I hope they don’t treat it like the devs did Elite Dangerous on consoles.

I believe Stranded Deep has been on PSN for free multiple times

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I think this is too narrow a view of the situation to assume it’s won and done and move on.
Developers who have a history of launching a product and abandoning it rarely see repeat customers on future releases on those platforms and also generate a bad rep for other future game releases.

I have lost all faith in this studio to deliver. I don’t care what the excuses are anymore, they’re just stringing us all along at this point and I’ve run out of patience.

Over TWO YEARS since the current console generation launch and just WHAT has this studio been able to deliver on this game?

It’s a joke.

I’m just going to finish off the achieves, leave the 1 star review on the official store this rubbish deserves, move on and never buy their products again.

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