All stats gone. Toolbelt gone

Opened up the game to play, and I am a rookie again. All stats gone, toolbelt gone.

Hi ScaredofSharks,

I’m sorry to hear this occured in your game. This is an issue the team are aware of an occured with the update to 2033.

The details can be found here - [Known Issue] Items, toolbelt and skills error

As the update was in december last year, can you confirm if this is the first time you’ve opened this save after updating to version 2033, or if you were playing in the latest version for sometime on this save and something else triggered it for you.

If it is the latter, please let us know what you can recall doing in your previous gameplay session and if it involved crafting a toolbelt.

As the link above describes unfortunately there is no workaround for this issue, however please do not save the empty inventory and skills if you have not already doneso as there may be a chance a fix may load the inventory correctly for players.

If you decided to continue with the save Inventory and skills can be built up and use again, but depending on the level of toolbelt you crafted, you toolbelt options may be limited in this save until a fix is released.

I understand how frustrating and disheatening this issue can be and again I’m sorry to hear this happened to your save, any announcements about updates and patches will be posted in [Console] News and Announcements as soon as they information is available.

Good day . Asolutely love the game . Same happened to me . All skills also back to zero but have managed to bring almost all fully back to almost full only problem is toolbelt is not craftable at all so hopefulle you guys can have a fix for this problem soon

Hi GanjaGoat - welcome to the forums!

Thank you for sharing that info, I’m sorry to hear it has occured in your game. While I do not have a timeline for a fix yet, I know the team are working to resolve this issue for players.

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