After 4 hours playing we cant do notting anymore

I play coop …

After every 4 hours the game get a lag kick and after that we cant do notting anymore.

No pickups /stone/wood/ notting
All containers cant open inventorys
All tools stay in hand
No harvesting anymore
Cant open containers /inventory

I had a pickaxe/knife and hamer in 1 hand…

Looks like when i have finisht my building and place the roof corners after 5 min all interactive stop.

It happend now 3 times on different games place a roof on your building and poef after 5 to 10 min game is dead.



No changes…

Play online
Host game
Visabiltity private
Region EU

We had ad that time around 25 container chest
A raft
Mastercraft lvl 3 and 4 stuff
Most tools
2 safepoints /sleeping places
Base 4x3 1 high after placing a roof 5/10 min after it happend for us. 3 times and i tested all steps and after the roof part it happend

-we have tried it all

Resset and clear stuff out.

We played on a xbox series X and a xbox ONE S

Please fix this because its not fun anymore all time waisting

This is a known issue and already has several threads going for it. I am not a mod and cannot help but if you want to add your report to the symphony of others I suggest adding it to the thread called [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions.

I cant put a topic there thats why i put it here sorry

No worries was just letting you know :slightly_smiling_face:. You should be able to reply in that thread and add in your details though? I’m fairly new around here but that seems to be what everyone else is doing.

Hi Xgodz,

Welcome to the forums. Thank you for reporting your experience of this issue and the details of your gameplay setup.

I just recently updated the post HawkGirl mentioned (thanks HawkGirl!) - [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions

The team believe they have found the cause of the issue and are now working to resolve it. I will update the above post if I recieve any more information.