2nd player cannot interact

My friend can’t interact with shelter or water stills,he disconnects so much and the loading screen is just wasting so much of our time by how long it’s takes to load in,if anyone has s solution or recommendations please tell me

How long does it take before the game begins breaking for P2?

It used to be like every 1 hour but now it’s just constant,he’s never in for more than 7-8 minutes

Do you got any solutions?

Depends on what day you’re on.
High day amount, don’t restart
Low day amount, do restart

We’re on day 9 and just built our custom raft base is that far?

Good enough for day 9

Before we restart there isn’t any solutions to fix my game

I don’t even know y’all found it and I fix it

Would Clare answer this post and maybe do a Bimini fix with other problems in it including mine

P2 basically needs help
(It’s another online-co-op bug)

Hi Helponly,

It sounds like you are experiencing desyncs between your game. As this issue has been reported in the PC Bug reports section, I wanted to confirm that this is occurring for you on PC?

My main experience is with the Console version, but if you please let me know the following and I can pass it onto the relevant team:

  • What version of the game are you playing?
  • Are both players in the same household on the same connection, or in different locations?
  • Please let me know what ISP and router type you are using
  • If you switch who is hosting, does the issue persist in game hosted by your friend?
  • Do you know what the NAT type of your connection is?
  • What region are you playing in? And have you tried switching regions? If you’ve been using “Auto” please try selecting a region.
  • Has anything changed with your connection or setup since you started the save?
  • How many in-game days have passed in the save?
  • Do you regularly cycle islands to add new custom islands to gather resources / add more items to the game?
  • Have you an established base with a lot of resources / construction on it?
  • If your save is well established, does a new save cause the same connection issues?

I completely understand that this issue is frustrating when trying to play with your friend. Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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The current
We’re playing in different houses but same city
T mobile

SAGEMCOM - Fast 5285 - Spectrum SAXV1V1S WiFi 6 Router

We haven’t tried and will let you know in the reply
It’s not coming up,all I found was ipv6 and [Personal identifiable information removed]
We haven’t tried switching region we are using auto though I’ll update when we try switching regions
My mobile phone switched providers but my pc provider has stayed the same for 1+ year
9 days have passed
If you mean modding no but we try to go to different islands it’s never permanent and no more than 2 in game days so far
No islands have permanent bases on them and when we tried moving he got disconnected
I will also let you know in the reply

. I’m playing on the current version that was released
We live in different houses and have different internet if that’s what you mean.
my isp is spectrum my router is orbi.
The host stays the same I’m the only one disconnecting. And yes all the issues are still there.
I do not know what the NAT type is.
I don’t know exactly what you mean when you say region but I live in Texas America.
No my set up has been the same science I got the game.
Well we are on day 9 but I have only survived 5 due to the bugs.
No I don’t not nor does my friend.
We don’t ever have a permanent base but we do carry lot of resources.
Yes it does not matter if we restart the game is still glitchy and we have tried reloading the saves too.

Hi Helponly,

Thank you for that information from both of you.

I will pass this information onto the team, and keep an eye out for any additional information from you.

However the team are aware of issues that can occur with Spectrum connections in multiplayer. If possible, it may be worth trying alternate connections, like a mobile hotspot or similar which may help either rule out or narrow down where the disconnect issue is occurring.

Thank you again for sharing that information from both you and your friend.

I’ll let you know if the region thing and switching to hot spot works

Hello,we tried the hotspot thing it worked but when he died he disconnected but we switched the regions and it was good but after 1:30 mins he couldn’t interact with some of the items

Hi Helponly,

Thank you for that update. Just a few questions regarding your tests:

  • Did your friend remain on their spectrum connection or did they try a hotspot too?
  • How much gameplay time did you get to before they died and disconnected?
  • How did they die?
  • Which regions did you try?

Thank you again.

When we switched regions I wanted to try it without the hotspot and it worked longer than with the hotspot,was gonna try both together but he logged off

On the hotspot we got 1 hour and 30 minutes or so,he only disconnected once

He died of thirst or the hogs since he was afk
We just tried USA west i think

Does the team have any other suggestions to fix the problem

Hi Helponly,

My apologies is the delay in getting back to you. Thank you for sharing that information regarding recent connection tests. I have not heard any additional suggestions from the team but I have followed up with them with the information you shared to see if they can offer any additional insight.

Please bear with me while I await a response.