2nd player cannot interact

Hi Helponly,

After having had a chance to talk to a team member about your issue. They believe it’s highly likely that the desyncs and disconnects are caused by a connection issue.

However, if you like, you can send me your save file and the team can look into it when they get a chance to double check for any other potential issues causing these problems. Please note the team does not fix and return individual files, but would use it for testing and releasing any fixes to the community as a whole. There is also a chance there may be some further suggestions they can offer for you to help you with your issues, but I cannot guarantee that.

If you’re happy to send a copy of your files, you can find them in

Users > [UserProfile] > AppData > LocalLow > Beam Team Games > Stranded Deep >Data
If you make a copy of the relevant slot folder and move it to your desktop, or another file location, zip it up and upload it to a google drive, one drive or similar and DM me the link, I can pass the save file onto the team for their investigation.