[2107] Fish stuck on spears

Xbox One, you’d fixed the lantern hook and after that update now the 3 prong spear does not work. You can only prong 1 fish and it wont allow you to collect it. You have to drop the pronged spear on the ground, then click Y to collect the fish, then it can be used again. Can you please fix this. Thank you.


Hi @Ginger - welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to it’s own thread as it was off topic where you had posted.

Thank you for reporting your experience of this issue. The team is aware of players being unable to take fish off spears after the recent update and are working to resolve this quickly.

The workaround is as you described - dropping the spear will allow you to remove the fish/crab.

Another player reported they could not collect their fish from the ground if they had another spear in their hand. Have you experienced this at all in your save?

Thank you.

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I came here to report the same issue!
Glad it is just not me.
Only issue I have come accross so far.

I can confirm that you cannot take the fish/crab off the spear with a spear in hand. It gives a prompt to interact but does nothing. You must have nothing in your hands. I thought at first it was one spear but it does it for all fishing spears.

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Thought I was losing my mind! Returned to PS5 (PS4) version after a year off and I am literally fishing as we speak and it’s so frustrating having to drop the spear to collect the fish.

Thankfully, as they said, they’re looking to fix it shortly. I’m assuming that means it’s not in the 2107 update.

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No, not yet an hopefully wont, but the chests are now sticking to the ground, you cant collect them or move them. I rven so much as removed a platform to see if that helped but she was still stuck like an elephant was hiding inside lol Thanks so much for your help. Its my 1st time on here. Your assistance is much appreciated!


Hi all, and welcome to the forums to some of you who are new,

Thank you for confirming you’ve seen the issues with the fish on spears too. Knowing the frequency of the issue among players is good info for myself and the team to have.

If you’re experiencing issues other than this one, please create your own thread in the Console Bug Reports section so this thread does not go off track or get confusing with various reports and responses around Gingers issue reports. (I’ve moved Hossmandu’s comment to their own thread)

@Ginger - regarding the issues with the crates, another player reported this also recently. I checked in with the team and they believe they know what has caused this to occur and there are team members assigned to resolving it among other issues with crates and storage. It appears to occur if a player accesses multiple crates to move things around the crates and in and out of their inventory. One workaround I’ve heard is that reloading will make the crates moveable again - which is understandably not ideal. But it might also work if you travel away from the island and back again to reload just that area.

My fish still get stuck