[2107] Cannot add items to toolbelt

Also can no longer add items to tool belt. Xbox series X version 2107

I managed to add items to my tool belt (PS5) @Hossmandu

Hi @Hossmandu, welcome to the forums,

I moved your comment and @BCE’s response to it’s own thread as it was going off topic in the thread you’d posted it and I also because I wanted to address it directly.

Can you elaborate on the issue you are experiencing when adding items to the toolbelt?
eg: What steps you are following, what you are seeing when you attempt it, is there any game feedback / error noise, etc…

Any additional information you can give me would be greatly appreciated as it can help the team to look into this issue further.

Thank you.

Hi Clare. I’ve realized that it’s only fishing spears that cannot be added to the tool belt. I have it in inventory yet when I open the tool belt screen it is nowhere to be seen. Side note, it seems that the fishing spears are multiplying. I know I had no more than 4 or 5, and now I have 15. Thanks!

No error noise or any other message, just that the fishing spear does not appear available to add to a tool belt slot.

Thanks for that extra information Hossmandu

Regarding the spears multiplying, where are you seeing this happen (inventory, on the ground, in a crate) ?

On the ground. I usually keep them on the shore near my main fishing spot. Thanks.

Thanks for confirming this for me Hossmandu, I’ll update my report for the team. If you notice anything else, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Edit: removed incorrect information

Hi Hossmandu,

I wanted to follow up as there was a misunderstanding when the team member I was talking to passed me on info about adding spears to the toolbelt.

The toolbelt on Console and PC behaves slightly differently but you should be able to add fishing spears to the toolbelt on the Console Version. However if you have other options in your inventory, they may not show up in the options / be given priority. Can you confirm for me if you remove all items from your inventory, but only have the spears, will the option show up for you then? This would mean it is likely an issue with displaying items rather than items being added.

This is correct. If I remove everything from inventory then the fishing spears can be added. That mystery is solved. Thanks!

Thank you for confirming Hossmandu! I’ll confirm this for the team member that suggested it :slight_smile: