[2104][Multiplayer] Desync with items

Hi Clare, my brother and I are having similar issues. He is the host, but for some reason, at times i can’t see things he has crafted, eg a water still and shelter on a new island we had arrived at. Obviously means i cannot interact with either of them. Presumably desync issues, but the game never attempted to resync. Also, i clipped into the hull of a ship underwater, and drowned as i was completely trapped.

Hi @mazzdabator, welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to its own topic so I could address it directly.

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue when playing multiplayer with your brother. It does indeed sound like desync issues occuring in your game.

Please let me know:

  • What console are you playing on?

  • What version number is displayed in the bottom left of the main menu for you?

  • Are you playing in the same household using the same internet connection or are you in separate households?

  • If you’re in the same household, are you both using the same connection types? Players have reported issues in the past where they were both on PS, one wired, one wireless, and both using wireless helped with some of their gameplay issues.

  • What NAT type is displayed in the network settings of each console? If they’re different, please indicate which is your brother (host) and which is you.

  • Have you tried swapping who is hosting temporarily to see if the desync issues continue if you switch?

  • If your brother saves and reloads the save, when you load in can you see the items in question?

  • Has the desync been occurring since the start or have you noticed it increasing over time as your save file becomes more established?

Regarding getting stuck in the ship:

  • Do you recall if anything pushed your character into the hull, or if you performed any action that may have caused an animation to push you into the hull?

  • If possible, please let me know what type of ship it was and if this occurred around an opening the the hull or a solid section?

  • Please also let me know if you were outside or inside the ship when this occurred, and if after your character drowned, were they teleported or were they released from the hull?

  • Could your brother see you stuck in the hull when this happened or did you appear to be free of the ship from his point of view?

I understand that’s a lot of questions - but any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as I can pass this information onto the team working on issues like the ones you mentioned above.

Thank you.

Hi Clare ive also been having a few issues in multiplayer myself. The desync is one of them but isnt as bad on xbox as it is on playstation but im unable to drag our raft. Im player 2 and the host doesnt have any problems. Also as player 2 when we craft the motor boat i cant see the fuel level go down. So basically what ever the fuel level is once we use the raft thats what it stays like for me (player 2) as soon as we save quit and reload i can see what the new fuel level is

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