[PS4][2104][Multiplayer] issues on same connection

Hi clare me and my girlfriend are experiencing problems with the playstation 4 connection on multiplayer as well. I have a wireless connection and other wired on nat type 2 connections. We have problems mainly with a connection drop on her side when im hosting we could be playing for 2 mins or for up to a hour and then randomly drop regardless of what we are doing. Also i have been experiencing random issues like save problems where game crashes and crafting the raft is leaving the build option on screen and unable to deselect and continue forcing a restart. The current update for ps4 needs fixing because the random connection problem deems it unplayable and very frustrating reloading to happen again. Ill be back when an update is here thanks :video_game:

Hi @Heisenberg , welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to its own topic so I could address it directly.

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with connectivity when playing multiplayer for Stranded Deep.

While the team is continuing to work on stability issues for multiplayer connections. From your post it sounds like you’re using the same network connection in the same household. If this is the case please try both of you playing on a wireless connection as this has helped players in the past, especially in this same situation on PS4.

For other issues you mentioned:

Game crashing on save

  • Has this occurred recently in your game?

  • When this happens, do you recall if there were any actions in common before each crash? For example - harvesting a lot of items or crafting a lot of items on the island you save on.

  • Are these crashes more likely to occur on your base island or when you are traveling from island to island?

  • Do you use piles or containers for storage or would you have a significant amount of loose items around when you are saving?

  • What in-game day are you on? (As you’re playing multiplayer, this info can be found in the pause menu when inside the save)

  • Did you change any of the gameplay options or settings for the save?

  • Has this always occurred seemingly at random in your save or did you find it started after some gameplay time had passed?

Build ghost for raft building persisting:

  • This issue was reported by other players after the recent update also. The team is aware of this issue and I believe they know what has caused it and are working on a fix for it which they would aim to release asap.

I completely understand how frustrating these issues can be and any additional information you can provide about your experience with these issues in your save would be greatly appreciated by the team members investigating them.

Thank you.

We have to wait until it is updated. I asked if he had a specific date and I’ll let you know.