[2104] Multiplayer bugs

This is ridiculous I got this platinum a while back now recommended to a friend for the multiplayer and platinum. the shelves and hooks don’t work, and the multiplayer is the buggiest I’ve played in a while. Not to mention still having to play it through on single player just for the craft all trophy cause multiplayer resets your crafting every time and the toolbelts don’t work or even show up. then go to single player to clean it up and ■■■■■■■ shelves don’t work ridiculous. when will this ■■■■ be fixed it’s been years on the multiplayer and now yall can’t even update without breaking ■■■■ so frustrating. The game was fine when I played it years ago now its broke don’t make any sense to me.

Hi batman1, welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to its own topic so I could respond directly as it mentioned more than the Known Issues issue you’d commented on.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing issues within multiplayer with your friend having recommended the game. I understand that issues such as the ones you’ve mentioned can be very frustrating during gameplay.

In case you have not seen it the team are working on the next update and the latest information on that update can be found here: Message from the Team - Console Update Progress Info As soon as I have more information on the final contents and release date of the update I will create a new post in News and Announcements.

I will also add the details of your experiences with crafting issues to my reports so the team members working on these issues can reference them.