[2083] Toolbelt Button

Correct me if I am wrong, but before the update 2083, were you not able to press corrisponding button to bring a tool out off the tool belt and then press that same corresponding button to return it to the tool belt?
I find the task of having to open up the inventory and clicking on the hand annoying to put away the tool back on the belt.

Hi Shaolindruid,

I moved your post to a new thread so I could address it directly. It’s by a long time since I’ve used a toolbelt (never got into the habit of it when playing) but I believe with the default controls each button on the D-pad should correspond to the toolbelt slots. Are these the ones you’re refering too?

I understand this could be related to the post you posted in and the slots not unlocking correctly, but I want to submit a separate report in a link to the original so the team can look into it.

No, it’s always been like that. I suggested the same thing ages ago in another post.

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Thank you for confirming and reminding me you’ve mentioned this before Dios1!