[2083] Toolbelt issues

Me and a friend are 10 days in on a run. Normal, with passive animals. We have the issue that sometimes the toolbelt is not possible to create, even if you have the correct recources it’s still greyed out. But on the other hand, it’s also locked on building toolbelt 1. But after sleeping, we could make the toolbelt all the way up to toolbelt 4. By upgrading toolbelt 1, 4 times. So it was cheap, when it first let us. Still stuck on the lvl 1 repair, but as I have all 4 slots not an issue. However, sometimes items in my toolbelt dissapear after saving, and we enter the game the next day. Always the host (my friend) who saves and ends the game.

Hi Tigergutt93, welcome to to forums,

I moved your post to a new topic so I can address it directly and also because the information in the last thread was a few months old.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue withing your multiplayer save. Thank you for reporting it and sharing the details of your experience.

The workaround for the issue of not being able to craft different levels is one you described above, to create level 1 4 times. However I understand this is not ideal. Has the toolbelt option every appeared in the quickcrafting menu in your game?

When the items in your toolbelt vanish, do you loose access to the toolbelt slots too, or is it just the items?

Is it usually the same items each time or do you vary what you have in your toolbelt?

Again, thank you for reporting this - any extra information you can provide would be greatly appreciated and I will pass all these details onto the team investigating.

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