2078 ps4 buildings

Since the new update its become near impossible to build inside buildings. I cant place furnaces, brick station or firepit on builds. It shows red outline unless I place it on ground but I want it inside my building.
Why can’t we build down from floors? So that way we can actually build stairs where we want? Because right now the only time we can build stairs is on a foundation by wall and floor. I would like to build stairs from the floor to the ground without a foundation and wall and to build stairs off of stairs in case the stairs don’t reach the ground. I use to get around the gaps by using planks and corrugated steel yo walk on but since new update that don’t work anymore. At least make it to where we can step up onto slightly higher surfaces or something because we can’t step up a 1 inch gap right now and its annoying.

Hi Abates,

This is something the team are aware of and is not occuring because of the update to 2078. Placing some items inside buildings has always been difficult and I have been passing feedback to the team from players regarding the ability to place items inside. If you have been able to place these items inside beforehand, please let me know as this would have been unusual for players to be able to do this. Workarounds for placing items inside can be found here: [Known Issue] Difficulty placing crafting stations inside buildings

With regards to your other issues, would it be possible to get images on what you can no longer do (if you have an older file you can reference) or what you wish to be able to do with the stairs? The more info and references I have, I have the better I can pass your feedback onto the team.