[2071] Bat sounds when swimming

I have noticed that when I swim out in the middle depth areas sometimes I hear a flock of bats… during the day. I will test to see if it’s in the same spot every time. And it seems like the interactions problem is that the interaction point has fallen through the ground and is set at sea level.

Oop… wrong thread so sorry!

No worries KageTheBeast, I’ve moved your post to a new topic so I can address it directly! (I know there’s a copy in the other thread but I wanted to ask you about the bats…)

If you do find it is the same spot or near a particular wreck, please let me know.

Do you hear the sounds when swimming underwater or is usually when you’re on the surface?

With regards to the interactions issue, rather than the interactions sinking, something appears to be blocking the interactions above a certain level. In case you didn’t see it I updated my post on the issue here - [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions - the team believe they’ve found the cause and are now working on resolving the issue.

I have experienced this glitch from the beginning, happens a lot while I am out there looking for clay. While swimming in the middle of the day, it will sound like a swarm of bats is following you wherever you go.

Thank you for mentioning this xGnomeGrownx, I know the team were finding it tricky to replicate this issue and I’ll add your experience of noticing it when mining clay to my report. They may wish to test doing this if they haven’t done so already. If you notice any other instances where you’re likely to hear it, please do let me know.