2 of each animal

Xbox1. Game won’t give achievement for 2 of each animal… I’ve tried both large and small crabs, Seagal, bats, boars, hogs, snakes even every species of fish…
even got all to hang up on deck and not slide off and still no achievement. Is there something I’m missing?

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Hi Carl,

There is an issue with the conditions in unlocking this trophy, I have a known issues post on it with workarounds from players that may help: [Known Issue] "Two of Each" Trophy Unlocking Issues

You need 2 hogs, 2 boars, 2 snakes and 2 small crabs close to your character on a raft (if your raft is large and they’re at the other side it may be too far and prevent the trophy from unlocking). The requirements need you to sail into a storm but at the moment the weather conditions requirement is glitched. In a number of reports (mentioned in the link above) players have found success in sailing as a storm is starting. Others have found sailing under clear skies has also worked.

If you continue to have issues unlocking this trophy after attempting the workarounds, please let me know.