Yucca and Farming

Helpful beginner farming tip:

If you plant 1 Yucca Fruit plot per plot of other types in your farm, you will always produce enough Fibrous Leaves to gather enough water in your Water Stills to sustain your farm without any rainfall or if you are away from your island.

Also remember to only use Corrugated Steel to craft your plots, as this is the only way to get the most out of any rainfall that occurs when you are home.

Happy farming, fellow survivors!


Is there any concrete info on the difference between types of farming plots? Wood vs Plank vs Corrugated Metal - there’s no in-game tool tip that indicates they are any different from one another in terms of functionality. Aesthetically, of course I would prefer the Corrugated plots. But are they ACTUALLY better in terms of water retention or length of time to grow?

On that same note, I’ve seen a comment or two about placing your farming plots so that they are partially submerged in water (right along the shore line) so that they remain ‘wet’ longer - is there any credibility to this method?


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I have had plots of all types. You will see that water retention Is much better from the silly string plot to the plank one and the sheet metal planter box being the best. Yes always farm lots of yucca, they stack much better than palm bunches in your containers and can be used as firewood too! (At least they used to be) I have also seen the comment about shoreline planting to use seawater but I have never been able to replicate it - I don’t think that works anymore. Tuna, I remember that rain used to rewater plots but I think I’ve had issue with that recently where I didn’t water my plots because it was raining only to come back to the withered! :man_shrugging:

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The following paragraph has been edited due to inaccurate information, with the updated information being displayed in bold text:

@Splagg The only difference in the functionality of the plots that I am aware of, is that the corrugated steel plots can hold up to 8 servings of water at a time (you will notice it increases in small increments as you add water) therefore allowing you to be gone from your island for several days without having to worry about watering. Of course it does require a lot more water to fill them up if you let them all deplete. I think the plank plots might hold only 4 or 6 servings (though I’m not sure exactly since I only use them until I gather enough steel) and the most basic version holds a few less than planks. Each plot with a plant growing in it will consume 1 serving of water per day. Upon further review of the amount of water each plot type can hold, both the plank and corrugated plots can hold up to 8 servings of water and the basic wood plot can hold only 4.

The following paragraph has been edited due to inaccurate information, with the updated information being displayed in bold text:

Also worth noting, the Yucca Fruit is the only farmable plant that cannot ever be replicated if you destroy it (except for resetting islands using the cartographer) as you will only get Fibrous Leaves back, which cannot be planted, therefore the Yucca Fruits are a single use item. So be careful which plots you place them in and make sure you are prepared to leave them in the same place forever. All the other plant types grow the appropriate material required to replant and multiply in other plots and grow potentially even hundreds of the same type (potatoes, both types of edible fruits, aloe, pipi, and ajuga all work in this way and can be regrown relatively easily). Upon receiving information from other players, I have found that the Yucca Fruit does in fact regrow on the native yucca plants that can be found on any island. So you don’t actually have to worry about destroying them to move them at all!

As far as the amount of time it takes for plants to be ready to harvest each time, I have struggled through many (MANY) harvest cycles to try and figure out precisely how long it takes. The very first time you plant anything, it takes a few days to grow to the mature stage and then a few more to be ready to harvest. After that, 2-3 days after the point of harvest seems to be the most common amount of time it takes. Sometimes it seems like it’s less than this, maybe due to harvesting in the evening instead of morning. I sleep almost every single night in game to progress time faster (approximately twice as fast) and usually find my plants ready in the morning immediately upon waking, so that’s usually when I harvest them unless I’m being attacked by a creature or have some other pressing emergency that causes me to be delayed. 3 days is probably the most common amount of time, though for a long time I thought it only took 2.

Sorry for the novel, lol, hope this helps!

@xGnomeGrownx I have noticed that sometimes the rain doesn’t add anything to my plots, seems like it’s usually 1-4 servings (I have no idea if this is random or if there is some pattern to it). It does seem like the exact same amount is added to my water stills as my farm plots with each rain, the most helpful times being the storms with the loud thunder, that darken the sky even in the middle of the day, and cause changes in the tides. In very rare cases, it seems like these most intense storms can add up to 6 servings.

One important factor I have noticed, is that any time I am in a different sector (as denoted in the cartographer) from where my farm is, I never benefit from any rain in my water stills or farm plots, unless I can return home (not necessarily all the way to the island, but at least within the sector in the sea) before the storm finishes, in which case I still only get a portion of the servings I would’ve gotten had I been home for the entirety of the storm.

Sometimes it will only rain for a very short time and I won’t get anything, but probably the most common amount I get is 3 servings (estimation, varies greatly) in each water still and farm plot. It varies so much that I have had difficulty figuring out any patterns. But I definitely still collect rainfall, because I spend almost all my in-game time at my home island now, and it is very useful in conserving Fibrous Leaves and not having to empty and refill all my Clay Flasks.

Hope this helps!

I’m seeing a lot of incorrect info here, maybe an admin could step in and reaffirm what I’m about to say-

Yucca fruit: it’s stated by an above user that yucca fruit, after planted, cannot be reacquired. Technically this is true from the end of reclaiming the fruit from the plot, however, the poster implies this means that you cannot replant yucca trees. This is false. Every single island has a native yucca tree in every single play-through I’ve done, and each NATIVE yucca tree repopulates the fruit. That’s right. Over time the fruit regrows ONLY on the yucca trees. This means you can move your yucca plans around all day.

Differences from plank and corragulated scrap farm plots: it’s visual only. Both hold 8 servings of water, have the same use rate, have the sale collection rate, etc. the one different is the visual appearance

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I will check that out and re edit my post, certainly appreciate those facts because most of my info is based on my limited experience. Though I have played a great deal of time, the number of things I have done and concepts I have tested is somewhat limited. How many servings does the standard wood plot hold? I thought it was less (like maybe 4), wasn’t aware planks hold just as much as steel because I haven’t used much.

Also can you provide any clarification on rain patterns and/or amount of water to be collected by each rainfall? My info is mostly guesswork in that department too, I read somewhere that it rains every 1.2 days. Which is difficult for me to track and verify, particularly because I sleep every night in-game. Sometimes it seems like it rains once a day for several days in a row, while other times it seems like a drought for several days at a time. Could the season in-game potentially affect this?

I also was unaware of the Yucca Fruit respawning but will definitely check that out as well. How long does this take? I have been on the same island (a cliff island) for hundreds of days and somehow did not notice this, unless I am doing something that messes this up. I used to cut every single one (3 native plants on this island, as on most I’ve seen) for Fibrous Leaves every 2 days, so I must have really not been paying attention if this is the case. I have never used the cartographer, nor do I wish to, so although they can be replicated in that way I haven’t done so. Thanks for your diligence and info! Much appreciated!!

Definitely appreciate the input and discussion here - thanks everyone!

Regarding Yucca Fruit - I understand that if you scrap a farm plot that was growing Yucca, you won’t get the Yucca Fruit back (whereas, if I remember correctly, if you scrap any other growing plant you will get back the thing you initially planted). However, this hasn’t ever been an issue for me because (at least on Xbox) the Yucca Fruit seems to respawn/repopulate on the wild Yucca - possibly every time the Yucca re-grows. In my current playthrough, I fully harvested my starting island then sailed to the nearest ‘large’ island to make my “home base”. Then a while later I returned to my starter island to pick up the rest of the materials for transport to the new base, and when I harvested the Yucca Fruits from the ‘wild’ Yuccas on my starter island, I was able to pick up 3 fruits from each wild plant (they seemingly grew in a stack).

So, while you can’t get your Yucca Fruit back from a farm plot, you can certainly get plenty of Yucca Fruit simply by revisiting the wild Yucca growing on your island.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually built a ‘stick’ farm plot but I can verify that the plank & corrugated plots both hold 8 “drinks” of water. In my experience so far on this playthrough, I’ve used about half & half - plank & corrugated plots - and so far they all seem to functioning identically.

I’ve had totally random experience with rainfall too - sometimes the plots seem to pick up a bunch of ‘drinks’, sometimes none.


You guys are absolutely 100% correct about the Yucca fruit respawning (and even stacking) on the native Yucca plants! I literally just got precisely 69 Yucca Fruit (not making that number up lol) from a single native plant on my home island! Can’t believe I never noticed this before, thought I had seen people mention it on the forums but for some reason I never noticed it happen for me. I have harvested these same plants for months in-game lol. Very helpful indeed. I have edited my above post to hopefully correct any misinformation with bold text. I greatly appreciate this being brought to my attention, as I would hate to give bad info on any topic. Please feel free to check me anytime!! Usually I’m fairly precise, but there are so many details to this game that I could have easily slipped up in other areas as well. Thanks again for all the extremely helpful discussions!

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