You need to save the console version

I know you don’t care about what I’m about to say at this point
Because it’s not the first time reading this from any console player

The multiplayer
It keep disconnecting me every 10 minutes

The UI
I prefer the pc UI than the console edition

The graphics
The graphics reminds me of PS3 uncharted
The shadows and water quality and post processing and literally every thing else

The big world update
I have been waiting for this update since it released for PC and yet you we heard nothing about this update

From what I see you didn’t even get anywhere near using most of the power of PREVIOUS generation consoles and yet there’s no 60fps for ps4 or ps4 pro

TELL ME ONE THING U DID BASED ON THE COMMUNITY (Not the multiplayer) because I have been here doing suggestions that got ALOT of likes and attention and yet didn’t see anything u added based on the community

Development progression
Yet every update you puplished is just a quality of life imporvment and no REAL game changer update AND it takes you ALOT of time just to publish any update to consoles (unlike pc) the game feels like 2018 stranded deep on pc

In conclusion
I really love this game but I don’t think you care about the game on consoles like the PC version

I hope you understand what I said and do ur Best for the console edition

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