You guys need to upgrade it to three player

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  1. This should’ve been posted in suggestions not bug reports.
  2. With the number of bugs that came with adding 1 extra player I’d hate to imagine the number of bugs that would come with adding more.
  3. The devs have already said there will only be bug fixes and QoL updates from now on. No new features will be added.

Oh god lothaers off again :roll_eyes:

What do you mean off?

MaxMayfield308, welcome to the forums.

I have moved your post to the suggestions section as it is not a bug report.

As Lothaer correctly stated above the team are focusing on bug fixes and Quality of Life updates. There are no plans to add additional features, such as expanding multiplayer, to Stranded Deep at this time.

I do however thank you for your feedback regarding this.

They have just generally made a post, if i ever post anything i dont pick a particular catergory because it doesnt get seen. I agree they are only doing QOL fixes but still unfair with your 2nd response as it is what people asked for, yes it has broke the game but i suppose they are trying