[xGnomeGrown420x] [Gameplay] [Work in Progress]

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It’s a lengthy stream but shows my “work in progress,” shows me harvesting 3 islands, and returning to unload. It shows some of my workarounds to certain glitches - there’s my mooring dock so my raft doesn’t “disappear”; it shows my container shelves still work as long as I unload at each new island before I save; and it shows how I intentionally try to hit everything that will poison me, I’m immune! :man_shrugging:t3: I will hopefully add a new stream showing me complete the second floor of the Castle! AND wait to see what is behind that container door! Happy Holidays!


I’m quite amazed at the size of your builds, well done indeed! Are you playing only in multiplayer? Curious also, is your immunity to poison in multiplayer or single player?

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This save was started on the new update, a private multiplayer game. This is the first time I’ve experienced the immunity to poison. And I remember that it wasn’t so in the beginning of this save where I did get poisoned a couple of times. I harvested pipi and would stack antidotes, and then one day it just stopped.

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Hmm, I think all the other people in your immune to poison topic experienced the issue in single player but were able to be poisoned on the same seed in multiplayer. So maybe it’s related to specific seed numbers somehow, instead of the difference between single player and multiplayer like we were thinking. Also, joined xCASTAWAYx, haven’t played much because of the holidays but I will definitely be back on some more soon. Though I don’t yet have any fantastic builds to show off.

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I have noticed everyone has taken a hiatus for the holidays, but I am eager to play again! Can’t wait to finish this next level!

Hey guys! Wish you all Happy New Year! :partying_face:

I have been busy building away, and it’s by no means completed but knowing me I’ll build till the limit in the sky! (Is there one?) :building_construction:

Check out my progress!

nice little hut :heart:
impressive how big it is. bigger than the island :grin:

I’m also immune but only on custom islands. I still get poisoned on the islands of beam team

I came up with a workaround for my container shelves because i didn’t want to empty all the shelves in the warehouse before ending the game every time.
just unload the raft wasn’t enough to prevent the glitch for me.

This is my self-made 4 crates shelves storage room:

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