Xbx multiplayer disconnect

Xbox same house have tried both hardwired and both wireless, Nat 2, 2107 versions, we can each do our own online works fine. Soon as we join eachother we can load in maybe 5 mins before it disconnects us. Doesnt matter what were doing or how far we get from eachother, even if we sit still. Tried multiple regions, tried changing who hosts, still just disconnects us both. Have both unplug our systems, uninstalled and reinstalled still disconnects after jus a couple mins if we’re in the same world.

Hi Mystermurph, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing connection issues in your game.

Thank you for providing all of that initial information regarding your connections and what you’ve tried.

Can you confirm for me what router brand you are using and who your ISP is?

When trying hard wired and wireless, did you try opposite connection types as well as the same type?

Thank you again for providing that information, I will forward your details onto the team investigating connection issues.

Hey Clare, we have spectrum and use a Netgear router. Yes we also tried having one of us wired and one wireless and swapping that and swapping who was host. We also tried having a friend join one of us with the same result of sever disconnect after a couple mins.

Hi Mysternurph,

Thank you for confirming that information for me, I will pass it onto the relevant team members who are working on disconnect issues.