Xbox2107 Fish on spear issue

Previous to this latest fix/update, you could use a fishing spear, catch a fish and then remove it while in water and continue to spear other fish. Now it’s not letting me. After stabbing one fish I have to get out of the water, and use the knife to gut the fish on speak to get it off.


Custom island. All default settings

I’ve tried rebooting, reloading saved game. Nothing seems to change things

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I’m with you there mate. Dropping the fishing spear each time is a major issue

Same here. Spear has to be dropped to get catch off. Found you can hover over and pick up fish/crab instead of cutting with knife though.

Yeah, i’ve de-evolved back to using crude spear to fish with and scooping multiple dead fish off the surface of the water at a time…

Hi Gilligan, welcome to the forums,

I can confirm the team is aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

The workarounds are as described above, with the most common being dropping the spear to interact with the fish and remove it.

Thank you also for the feedback, I understand it can be a frustrating issue and appreciate everyone taking the time to report it.

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Yea! This appears to be fixed for me now. I haven’t hit every type of fish out there yet, but so far i’ve been able to remove every fish i’ve come accross.

Thank you!

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