Xbox1 in CoOp Mode - Max Raft size?

I can’t seem to build a raft wider than 5 and/or longer than 4 units. Is anybody else on Xbox1 able to?
The new bases won’t snap-to… If I get it looking like it’s in the right spot and still lights up buildable, it just drops to the ground as a single separate base. If I get it any closer to the existing raft it lights up red.

First: I tried to add onto my existing and fully finished 5x4 raft (should I be able to add new bases to a finished and all decked out raft that has floors and container shelves, sails, anchors, rudders, canopy’s all over it?)

Second: I built an entirely new 2nd raft that never had any floors or anything else on it yet at all, Still can’t get past 5 wide or 4 long.

I usually do my building on land, prop’ing one side up on a rock so it’s not sticking into the ground while adding. But then i saw another post that suggested to build in the water, so i tried that too and still couldn’t get past 5x4. Similar case, if it looks right and lit buildable, i end up with separate single base, otherwise it’s lit up red. It won’t snap-to.

I just got this game a week ago, so it’s all still new to me… But my cohort and I have gathered lots of stuff and on our 6th island now. Would really like to get lots of container shelves onto a single raft so we can stay together instead of us each sailing separate 5x4 rafts. (worst fear is 2nd player getting booted mid voyage and having their raft lost at sea forever) So far they’ve only gotten booted on land.

HA!!! Nevermind. I found my answer! The last console update 2104 Notes say:

“We’re continuing to actively investigate causes of any instability and desyncs for multiplayer games. Most issues we’re seeing are either caused by or exacerbated by very large Rafts packed with storage containers. We’ve added a max raft size limit of 5Wx4L to mitigate this, but also increased overall storage slots to keep approximately the same total storage capacity.”

Hi Picaro, welcome to the forums,

I’m glad you found the answer to your question - and thank you for coming back to post the answer in case others had come across the same question.

If you continue to be booted from the game, either as the host or player two, please do submit a Console Bug Report with as much info as possible about what is happening in-game when it happens and I’ll pass the info onto the team for them to look into and I may also be able to suggest workarounds that can help.

Thank you.