[xbox1] [2126] [gameplay]speargun and bow ammo passing though animals

so I have noticed when hunting with the crafted bow or speargun that at random times the ammo will pass right through the animal without doing damage. this has occurred on crabs, small hogs, boars, and sharks. all settings are on default and I have only two custom islands. this has occurred before I created the islands. additionally, when the arrow or spear passes through the target animal without doing damage, it also passes through the ground making said ammo unable to be retrieved. this is especially annoying in the water where there is no chance of retrieving your ammo anyway. this is a problem when the crafted ammo is limited in quantity due to limited resources. Edit: include the speargun from the starting crates in this. spears went right through a shark as well as a giant grouper. lost all four spears for it without hitting anything.

Hi texanmarauder,

Thank you for reporting this, I know the team were looking into ammo passing through objects and the ground, but I’ll add the info you’ve shared above to that bug report so they can investigate further.

I can also attest to that, I have seen this several times.