Xbox1 2116 crates and shelves

so i got bored and made a huge three story storage area for crates. i have the walls lined with shelves. every time i log off and log back on, several crates have fallen through the floors and walls. this leaves empty spots on the shelves that cannot be filled. i have to remove the remaining crates, tear down the shelves, and rebuild them. it is happening to the shelves on my raft as well.

particulars: this is a computer generated island, just SE of the aircraft carrier. the mansion is a multi-story clay house with several farm plots on it as well as a three story storage room.

Is this single player or online? Im afraid to say bugs are still destroying this game. Im on ps4, hard mode and just got to day 40 and put alot of work in, and now just crashes all the time when saving, the game is just broke since the co op, and it aint gonna be fixed

Sorry to hear that, the crates & shelves have been glitched for a while. For some reason you can place shelving, and put crates in them - but I have found when you save and exit, unpredictable things happen. I have shelving on my raft and can load and unload my raft no problem - but I always unload the shelves before save & quit. In my experience, usually upon reload the crates will have “shifted” and be floating in the air causing major lag! Others have reported losing crates completely and crates shifting contents, etc. . . Basically I have crates stacked all around my base, but never on shelves . . .

Hi Texanmarauder,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced issues with crates shuffling among shelves. This is an issue the team are aware of and are working to resolve. I completely understand how frustrating this can be for players when they need to rearrange to deconstruct shelves in order to use the storage again.

While the team is working on this, and potentially related issues, if you wouldn’t mind letting me know some specifics about your own experience, I can add this to the pool of info the team has for the issue. Actually, just checking back on my notes, I see I included the info from your previous report in an earlier version about the issue occurring on your raft. In this case knowing more info about your experience might make for a good comparison for the team considering these are two separate situations (raft vs a building)

Please let me know:

  • Does this occur in the same save where you had previously reported problems with crates on your raft, or is this a new save for version 2116 in which you’re experiencing the same issues again on both your raft and now within your building too?
  • What in-game day would you be on at this stage?
  • Is this a single or multiplayer save?
  • You mentioned a 3 storey storage building, but could you estimate how many shelves and crates are contained within? A screen grab of the building to get a sense of scale may also be useful.
  • Though I understand your base is on a game-generated island, are you gathering all these crates and the resources contained within game-generated islands too? or do you / have you frequently cycled custom islands for resources and additional crates to build up your base?
  • Have you noticed any other issues within this save, or has only the shelves been affected so far?

If there’s anything else you feel could be relevant, please do not hesitate to let me know and I’ll pass everything onto the relevant team members.

Thank you.

as far as i can tell, this is new.

this is in game day 310

single player

i will see if i can provide something to show you

i have repeatedly cycled custom islands for resources

so far, just shelves and the shark music getting stuck!AjukAP7WJJ9TgUrm_joWY9CZFuhk?e=WvX9pB

Just in case it helps anyone, in my main save, the 1000 day one, I found that all of my crates from the original islands on the map function fine. When I attach crates from islands that i then replace to container shelves though, I start running into problems. Especially if I’m attaching these containers to shelves on a raft and moving them around to different islands where I also have shelves and containers stored. Basically, as far as I can tell at any rate, if your issue is similar to mine, I think taking items and crates from islands and then replacing those islands can cause some of those items or crates to malfunction. Ive had similar issues with sticks and random items not accessing properly after ive essentially removed the island they came from by replacing it. It could also possibly have something to do with using the same custom island repeatedly in the same island slot or using different ones, honestly, I’m not sure but food for thought.

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@texanmarauder - Thank you for that additional info and that 1Drive link, that video shows your island clearly as well as the fallen crates you’ve described. I have added the link to my report for the team so they can reference it as required.

@FierceRelic006 - Welcome to the forums, thank you for your insight and details regarding your experience of this issue. I’ve seen another user describe similar, and while there should be no difference between the crates found on the islands as they are all the same item type, I will pass your details and theory onto the team as I believe it is important information regarding this issue.

I know the team are looking into cycling islands and the addition of additional resources and crates to the game by doing this as it could start to push the limits of the game.