Since the update the game has constantly lagged. it is to the point where swimming is dangerous and i have to keep antidotes with me because i lag into urchins or lion fish.

Hi Texanmarauder,

I am sorry you are experiencing a lot of lag in your game. Can you confirm for me if this primarily occurs around your base island and when leaving / returning to your base island or if you see it in other areas of the map also?

As you recently mentioned gathering resources in other posts, do you have a lot of loose items on your island? (understandable that this may be to counteract the crate issue the team are working on)

If the lag is confined to one island or islands that are more built up with structures and resources, please describe those islands, the items you have there and if they are game-generated or not. I see you mentioned in another post you went back to game-generated only for a time, but want to double check.

I understand this issue is frustrating and any additional information you can share is greatly appreciated and can help the team look into this and may help me to suggest some workarounds also.

Thank you.

the lag occurs even on islands i have not been to yet after i add or remove islands. it has been doing this since the new update. a lag occurs when nearing an island as the island itself loads, but that has been occurring since i got the game and i just considered that normal.

Hi Texanmarauder,

Thank you for that info. Please do describe your base island and what typical gameplay looks like for you (do you swap out custom islands and strip them of resources to gather them or only use them for essentials, etc)

While I understand this lag has only occurred in game in version 2111, knowing more about your game will help the team to understand what could have caused this to happen in your save.

Thank you.

i have a landing pad for my gyrocoptor, a dock stretching out into the water, and a 5 story house that i am working on. i have a lot of crates all over the island, as my storehouse floor is still under construction, but there is not a lot of items themselves just lying around that are not in piles.

i do make custom islands to strip for specific resources, namely logs, clay and rock. the clay is my primary building material and i have three piles of rock for crafting. i also have a pile of logs as i have used up all the trees on my base island.

I suffer from the raft bearing container shelf glitch where I must unload my raft crates before I exit and save the game otherwise upon reloading I experience major lag due to the containers’ shifting and needing to be removed. Maybe upon reloading there has been a container duplicated on one of your shelves and is creating a conflict until removed. In some cases I have even had to destroy the shelf . . . Just a thought

Hi Texanmarauder,

Thank you for that additional info and those descriptions of both what is around your island and what you are constructing. As you proceed with construction, or if you try to tidy up as many loose items as possible, you may find that the lag will decrease somewhat.

xGnomeGrownx’s theory about a conflicting crate may also help (Thank you for sharing @xGnomeGrownx). Please let me know if you do find an overlapped or duplicated container within your shelves.

Thank you again.