[Xbox] Stay Alive Timeout error

Hello, I am having a Stay Alive Timeout bug on Southern USA, my router is Metro by T-Mobile, and it’s connected in Wirelessly, and I get constant timeouts, on Xbox ONE S.

Hi @OutrageGamer, welcome to the forums and sorry for my delay in responding to your post.

I’ve moved your post to it’s own thread so I can respond to you directly and keep all the info together without reviving the older post.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve experienced issues with timeouts when playing on Xbox. From your message it sounds like this is an on going issue rather than multiple timeouts within a short timeframe (issue occuring within 24 hrs that has now eased or resolved)

Thank you for providing the details of your connection and ISP. I’ll pass these onto the team.

  • Can you confirm for me if you’ve tried “Auto” or alternate regions for connections?
  • Does this occur when you’re trying to join a game, host or both?
  • If it only occurs when joining others, are you joining the same game each time, eg: a friend’s game, or have you tried multiple public games?
  • Are you able to try a wired connection for your console to see if that helps connectivity?
  • Have you ever been able to maintain a multiplayer connection or has this issue always been the case for you?
  • If possible, please also try connect to a game via an alternate connection eg: Mobile hot spot. This may help to narrow down if there is something preventing a connection in your set up, such as a firewall issue.

Thank you.