Xbox Solo Game Saving issues

I dont understand the gaming jargon. So please forgive me if Im bad at explaining. My husband has an Xbox 1 and we have the “GAME PASS” I downloaded this game and played for 29 game days. I literally saved the game at least 1 time every game day. Before i logged off I saved 1 more time at the little hut, the bottom of the screen confirmed the save and I hit main menu. Then the screen went to a loading screen. I thought that was weird because it should have gone straight to menu. Then i gave the controller to my husband who went to his profile and started to play a different game. 1 day irl later i opened the game it said on the loading screen 29 days and i hit continue. I then found my self on a different island with nothing much around me. I checked my watch and i was only at day 5. I was so upset so i went back to menu to see if i had any listed saves. This game doesn’t do that or keep track. I proceeded to start over played till 15 days and had to log off. When i came back i was again at an earlier date even though i been saving ever game day and before i log off. I am super disappointed with this issue and i have never experienced this kind of glitch before. I have uninstalled the game. I was enjoying this game before this issue.

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Hi CassieNelson222, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for taking the time to report this and sharing the details of your experience. I am sorry to hear this issue has occurred in your save.

There are 4 save slots within which you can play and save the game, within each of those there are 2 saves that can be made, one solo, and one multiplayer.

The days survived in the main menu will only apply to the single player save for that slot, multiplayer is tracked via the pause menu within the multiplayer save.

Can you confirm for me that…

  • For the 29 days slot you selected the single player save?
  • Please also double check if your save slot is still the slot you’d expect
  • Do any other slots show days played for single player?
  • If you check the data storage of your console, are there multiple saves for Stranded Deep?
  • If it was the single player in the same save slot, did the 29 days update to 15 after you played for a bit?
  • Has your husband also played this game on his own profile? Does he recall if he made it to Day 5 in any save? (While there should not be an cross contamination of saves from profiles on the same machine, this is good for us to double check)
  • When you reloaded the save a second time and it appeared at an earlier date, was it the same save type and slot as the one where you loaded in on day 5? If so, did you recognise it as your own save based on progress?

I understand how disheartening this issue can be. Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as it would help the team investigate the cause of this issue and may help me to provide further suggestions for you.

Thank you.