Xbox Series X / 2104 / Crates Disappear Items Lost

Once progressed in game with lots of crates 20-30+ the container shelves that hold 3 crates started glitching when sleeping or leaving and coming back to my home island (This is a stock island not custom). At first they just got switched up all over the place and container shelves even had 4 or more crates in them. A pain to put back together. But then I had about 60-70 crates further in game 75 days just waiting to finish, bosses already done and decided to go check out the Aircraft Carrier. Upon returning to my home island crates were flying in the air as my home island was rendering in. I lost many many crates. Labeled everything too. Lost my lashing crate and full fuel crate (Had like 10 full fuel cans) and scrap crate and vehicle parts crates and meat crate and even more. I lost about 20 crates. I had everything perfectly organized which took like 5-7 in game days to even accomplish. Noticed it was newer crates. Not the crates earlier in the game. They came from custom islands I made mostly. Soooooo frustrating. Please look into this. I ended up saving anyway cause I’m just trying to get to day 100 then finish but I lost so so many things I had put in crates. My island has tons of things. 2 buildings, 10+ farm lots and 25 lanterns and 2 rafts a gyrocopter a dock a helipad ect ect ect. The more I’ve put on the island at least crates/containers it seems the worse this glitch/bug is. Believe it only affects crates that are in the shelf containers made from wood planks but not positive. Could be crates in general. Also some crates lock up where I can’t pick them up. When I walk away and come back it usually fixes this issue. This has clearly been an issue for at least 3 years. Reddit has forums with people who talk about all these issue on consoles. Also the aircraft carrier must be completed in one go. Cant repair one aircraft part or add some food and water and come back later. All progress disappears once you’ve left the aircraft carrier island and saved.


Does Not Apply since no custom settings for Xbox’s
Yes I had custom island starting day 20ish

See above there are no possible steps to remedy other than maybe not save but if you go to another island at anytime and come back to your home island you will be missing crates no matter what especially when you had as many crates as I did which was at least 60

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Hi Cratesgonzo, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues within your save. Thank you for reporting this, I understand this issue with the crates is very frustrating and greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide this much detail about your experience.

The newer crates / crates from custom islands causing the most problems is very good information for the team to have - thank you for highlighting this.

When you returned back to your island after checking the aircraft carrier, were you traveling via gyrocopter or raft?

Regarding the crates locking up, as these crates that would’ve been thrown or displaced or could it be any crate?

You mentioned needing to complete the aircraft carrier in one go. There was an issue reported and fixed a number of versions ago that this sounds like. Can you confirm for me when this save was originally created? And have you had any issue with crafting any boss trophies or the aircraft parts at all outside of the aircraft carrier resetting for you?

Any additional information you can provide about your experience would be greatly appreciated. Especially the aircraft carrier resetting and it would be important to note for the team if an old issue has resurfaced in your save or if something new is causing it to occur.

Thank you again.

The same happened to me.
Playing on Xbox Series X. Version 2104.

One crate got switched with another crate and the first crate just vanished.
Lost a full crate of clothes. (Not a big deal since i have 2 more crates with clothes)
Both crates were in different shelves. One in the center of my island (starter island) and the other one was a bit further away on a different shelve.
After that, i stopped getting new crates, just taking the items out of the random crates i find.

Also, sometimes crates get stuck “open” and become unusable until i leave them on a different island, travel away and back. They get usable again after the game reloads the island.
Gets pretty annoying when using crates on your raft.

Hi ATARI-Duckman,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing your experience with crates behaving the same way. Can you confirm for me if you noticed if the crates more likely to cause trouble came from custom islands or if it was just after a certain point the crates started causing issues?

Thank you also for mentioning the crates being stuck open. I’ll note this in a seperate report for the team.

My crates are all from custom islands.
Yesterday, one of the 6 crates i have on my raft (not on shelves) disappeared after reloading my save.
It was empty, so nothing lost.

Thank you for confirming that info for me ATARI-Duckman. I’m glad the crate that went missing was empty at the time

If you check the centre of your island (if it’s clear) or the centre of your starting island, is there any evidence of crates being stuck there? One player reported hearing the sound of a crate in water under the ground. While it may be a long shot, it may help us to determine if some issues could be related to each other or not.

It’s actually happened both with a gyrocopter and a raft. I did also reset the custom island I was using for quick easy resource/crate gathering close to my main island. No idea if that is part of it from resetting the custom island after going to main island and saving. I’m responding from a phone so gonna respond to each question separately.

Any crate for the most part can lock up. I even had some crates where I couldn’t fully fill them with items. It seemed to be more that the game didn’t like the item. Specifically corrugated scrap and planks. I ended up just crafting things out of the scrap and planks since they just wouldn’t even go in a crate at all. It was weird.

I had no issues building trophies or aircraft parts ever once I beat those bosses. I knew about the glitch/bug with the aircraft carrier so I didn’t even test it and just put everything in one go when I finished the story completely. Good to know this should be fully fixed now with the aircraft carrier

Back to the crates disappearing if you had one of your team members on console just make a custom island and go collect the crates from the shipwrecks and save on that custom island a few times then go back to their main island and put those crates in shelves and save again then go to cartographer and delete the custom island then go back in game and save then go back to cartographer and put back that same custom island which refreshes everything on the custom island and do this all again collecting crates I bet you’d find the same issue where crates just disappear. Especially if they had like 60 crates on their main island. Biggest reason I was doing this was to collect a ton of lamps more than even the crates but the crates were a plus. I have my main island with tons of lamps 25+ to light up my houses and dock and large raft and farm spots basically everything on my end of my main island. I lost lots of things and it was super organized. This was all a super fresh save. I only started playing the game after it released on Xbox game pass. I got Covid and when I wasn’t sleeping all I did was play lol. I’m better now :blush: I really would like to fully fill my main island top to bottom like a full city on the island even if I started from scratch but I’m scared to even leave my main island anymore thinking I’ll just lose more crates. I’d have to empty everything on the ground before I’d feel safe leaving my main island again. Hopefully this can be fixed for everyone. There are forums on Reddit about this as well. Also hopefully the hook and things that go on walls are fixed soon. I’d like to put lamps on walls instead of those lamp stick hook things as well as my trophies ect ect. Thank you for all the help. I really caught on pretty quickly on how to do things quickly on console but it’s nearly impossible to build a full city on a single island without collecting tons and tons of tree trunks and turning them into planks. I had 24 crates on my raft in shelves to transfer trunks and items from custom island to main island and even a bunch of crate’s disappeared from my raft. Luckily those were empty but still 6 crates on my main large raft were just gone. I was in the 60-70 crate range and lost around 20-30 crates. Most happened from the gyrocopter coming back to my main island but a little earlier in the game I lost some crates off my main island coming back in my main raft from a custom island. Super odd bug. Even had times where my crates shifted spots on shelves as well and weren’t in the same places they were when I left my main island and came back.

Same with me one time I was missing a few crates after I saved and quit the game and started it up again a few hours later. I hadn’t even left my main island it was just after a save. Luckily those crates were empty but I did have other crates that had moved to different shelves than I had put them in. Not sure if the shelves have anything to do with it or not…… maybe/probably. Sure seems like the crate shelves themselves cause problems.

One of the crates on my raft disappeared after reloading my save. It wasn’t on a shelf.

It looks to me like crates from custom islands are the problem.
I had no crates on my staring island and i use only custom islands.
Everytime i redo the islands, i check if all my crates are still there.

It does seem to be deleted islands in general. From the cartographer section when removing any island you’ve collected crates from. If we fully keep all custom islands we make and don’t replace them then maybe those crates would never disappear. Not sure on this but does seem to be the issue. Somehow this ruins the coding in the game and makes crates from deleted custom islands disappear. This is what the developers of stranded deep should look into.

Whenever I decide to play again I’ll go ahead and immediately make custom islands all around the small main middle island and just never delete them. I’ll collect my crates/supplies from those island (8 islands specifically in all close directions “assuming no bosses”) but never delete them from cartographer. I’d bet $$$ my crates will never have any issue this way! Would be kinda fun to have my main island be the small middle one where you originate with the raft and built a full island city of buildings from mostly planks on there just for yourself. Just need those wall mounted crafted items fixed and a few more things like maybe dressers that carry items like crates do and a stove of some sort to cook on and a true bed not just a sleeping bag. Then some novelty items that don’t really matter like a toilet room made out of clay ect ect.

@Cratesgonzo - Thank you for answering my questions and for providing so much detail.

I’ve shared your details with the team and passed on your suggestion on how to replicate the crates issue to them.

I’m sorry to hear you weren’t well but glad to hear you are feeling better now :slight_smile:

If you do start a new save and play as you suggested, I’d be interested to hear how you get on regardless of the outcome.

@ATARI-Duckman - I’ve also included the comment that you check your crates after you delete your islands in my notes for the team and noted that you both have a consensus on the island refreshes potentially being the source of the issue based on your experiences.

Thank you both :slight_smile:

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Ouch!, i’m very interested in this bug getting fixed. I’m about to run out of original islands, down to my last 3 that I have not yet been to and cleared. And I don’t have near as many crates/containers as I was hoping i’d end up with. At the start of the game, i was netting like 15 crates per island, half way through that began to drop down to 5 or 3 per island…
Anyway, i’m on Xbox1 - 2104 - CoOp Mode - No Custom Islands YET - And Day#246
My home island is the middle starter island which i’m away from for weeks at a time harvesting a single island at a time.
I’ve built a 7x9 (foundation squares) 4 story boat house on the shore which my 5x4 (raft bases) raft docks completely inside of.
Raft has 17 shelves fully loaded with containers on it that are usually empty when at HQ, filled up on return from other islands.
The boat house has another 34 shelving units (would be 36 but i still need that stinking purple starfish to move so i can patch the hole in my floor!!!). Only 71 crates so far for the house though. I need 31 more crates, well 37 more if that stinking purple starfish moves, or Devs make “Floors” attach directly to “Foundations” so i can just bridge the starfish. Anyhow, that’s all on a separate post.

I have not yet had any issues with my crates getting displaced/swaped/vanished. Everything is staying nice and organized for me.
I have had an occasional lockup of a crate staying “open” here and there, but saving and reloading the game has always fixed that.
Oh, and one of my boat house floors is carpeted with loose planks! LoL hundreds and hundreds of them! I have couple dozen full piles of Logs, dozen full piles of sticks, half dozen piles of Fibulas & Rocks, several piles of Palm Fonds and Coconuts. 30 Farming Plots, a small pile of Lashings, 10 Water Stils, 2 Smokers a Pottery Furnace and a Fuel Stil.
So this island has tons of junk to manage if anyone suspects that as being linked to the bug…

If this info so far isn’t enough to convince you that the other peoples theory is right about this bug being tied to custom islands, well, after I loot these last 3 islands i’ll very likely be forced to create custom islands just so i can get more crates. How long do you want me to wait before I test deleting or redoing any custom islands to help with @Cratesgonzo’s theory. See if the problems happen for me before or only after deletion…

Course, could be the issue is tied to having too many lantarns on display! haha, I only have 3 out, 1 on front middle of raft, and other 2 are split on opposite sides of the raft entrance to the boat house. My others are in crates. Hehe.

Thank you so much for those details Picaro - I will add them to my report for the team in support of the infomation I’d added about the custom islands.

I appreciate you sharing the details of your base and the amount of items you have. Considering you have a carpet of planks and that many crates but no container shuffling issues, I feel like this is a strong case that this issue could be triggered by custom islands - Though I myself am not a dev, so I will leave it up to that team to investigate and decide.

Thank you again :slight_smile: and my apologies for only responding to your comment now.

Edit: I forgot about your question about testing your theory. I recommend backing up your save if you decide to try adding / refreshing custom islands. But if you do give this a go, I’d be very interested to hear your outcome and will pass any further info onto the team.

Uh, how do i backup my save using Xbox1?

Ah, sorry Picaro, I had thought it was possible to back up a seperate copy of the save data on the XB1 via cloud saves, however after looking into it further it seems the XB1 automatically syncs save data to the cloud after a new save is created. It seems the only way to prevent this happening automatically would be to play offiline - with in co-op mode you would be unable to do.

My apologies for any confusion caused by my mistake.

Ah, ok. Down to 1 last island i haven’t visited, and that’s the one with the Aircraft Carrier on it.
I also haven’t fought the bosses yet. I guess i should do all that before I chance reck my save? What happens after you fly home on xbox1?, does it auto save your game as finished or anything? Will I be able to reload to before take off so i can experiment with custom islands?

Once you play through the end scenario you should load back with your last save before using the plane.

However, because of the issue with the story items not unlocking in the crafting menu for a large number of players, it is possible this may be difficult. The team are working on getting the fix for this out asap but I wanted to give you a heads up as this may change your plans.

Some players have said they have found defeating every boss in the one gameplay session and crafting items as soon as the boss is defeated has helped them complete the final section of the game - however I cannot confirm at the moment if they experienced the exact same issue as mentioned above of another issue. There has also been another Xb1 player that didn’t seem to be affected by the issue at all. You’ll know if your game is affected if after defeating a boss none of the Story items unlock (but understandable if you’ve rather hold off altogether until the update).