[Xbox Series X][2083] Disconnect from Multiplayer

I am also having these issues on my Series X as of April 5th, 2022. This game has been in co-op for half a year not sure why there is not a fix yet. The host is also on a series x and we are playing on west region, seems to be the only region that does not glitch that much. It seems I get kicked every 15 to 20 minutes so makes it very hard to want to play. My Nat type is set to open since that is a frequent question, I really hope there is a fix coming soon.

Hi Unc1eArmyman, welcome to the forums. I’m sorry to hear you are continuing to have this issue on your Series X. Thank you for answering my more frequently asked questions in advance. Can you confirm your host has an Open NAT also?

As I am not a Dev myself I unfortunately do not have details on a timeline for a fix for this issue, however the team are aware of it and I will add your details and feedback to my report on the issue. If you notice anything else you believe could be related or may be triggering the disconnect other than the 15-20 minute gameplay timeline, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Just a quick follow up Unc1eArmyman as I’ve moved your post to it’s own topic as the topic you posted in was from an older version and I know there have been some changes with multiplayer connections from the team so there is a chance your issue is different to the original post or was an issue hidden behind others that was fixed.

In adding your details to my report, I realised I forgot to clarify about the date of the 5th of April 2022. Is this the day you first started playing Stranded Deep Multiplayer or had you been playing before hand and only noticed this issue starting to occur for you and your friend on this date?

Been playing for a couple weeks now and its been happening the whole time, I also had the host look at there NAT type and can confirm it is open

Thank you for confirming that for me Unc1eArmyman, I shall follow up the previous information I sent to the team with this confirmation.

When playing are you using any chat application on your Xbox to communicate? If you are, does the connection improve if no chat is used?

Please also let me know if either of you use external drives for Stranded Deep or Save Data.

We just use the xbox party chat nothing else and the game is on our internal hard drives and the series x is a SSD

Thank you for letting me know Unc1eArmyman, it’s good for the team to know the details of setups so they can try replicate reported cases of issues as closely as possible when testing.