[Xbox Series X][2079][Physics] Raft sails

I have noticed, as I’m sure some others have as well, that whenever a player walks into a sail that is attached to a raft it causes the raft to tilt and move in the direction they’re walking. Not a huge deal, but it makes it somewhat difficult to navigate in multiplayer. My guest generally walks around the raft and looks around to observe in all directions, and it is very sensitive so that when he accidentally bumps into either of my sails (one for forward and one for reverse) it shifts me off course, sometimes quite substantially, and submerges the opposite side of the raft from where he contacts the sail. While this can be useful to fine tune a parking job at the docks or beach (since this effect occurs whether the anchor is lowered or not) it can also be quite frustrating when trying to travel together on a raft with limited space for roaming, and cause any loose objects to be lost in the ocean. Obviously not too serious of an issue, but still could potentially cause a player to fall off the raft and it float away without them. Leaving them truly “stranded deep” lol. I doubt this is intentional, which is why I decided to post it here in the bugs section. Certainly very minor compared to other issues. To all those involved in the development and maintenance, thanks again for all your hard work on this incredible game! I honestly feel like this game has better community interaction and commitment from the team than most others.

Also, wanted to add that this issue occurs whether the sails are lowered or raised. And have noticed it in any of the seeds I have played in on multiplayer. If I can give any more details just let me know.

Hi ArmchairTuna66 - Thank you for reporting this. This issue something the team are aware of and I shall add your details to my report on this. I believe this is because the Raft is treated as a whole unit when assembled, but I understand your concerns and the difficulty it may post to steering in multiplayer and will include this feedback for the team :slight_smile:

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Ah, I understand. Certainly no big deal to me, I can see how the collision on a buoyant object would be difficult to control. In a way it does actually make sense as far as physics. Just like how when you swim up underneath you can lift a portion of the raft out of the water and tilt it (though for a heavy raft you would have to be quite strong to do much in real life lol). I didn’t know it was a known issue is the only reason I reported it. Thank you yet again for your so very diligent attention to every detail! I have tried reading through all the forums to make sure I don’t accidentally double post any information that others have already mentioned. But as I stated before, the dedication of everyone on here has amassed quite a lot topics and a multitude of responses on every aspect of the game. I have never joined forums before for any game, but I am thoroughly enjoying how informative and helpful everyone is! Again, great job to you and the team!

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Thank you for your continued understanding and support, ArmchairTuna66. I appreciate you taking the time to check out the forums to find similar posts but I completely understand with amount of posts on here, and the fact that everyone can call an issue by a different name, it can be difficult. I generally only create Known Issues posts for the bigger more frequently reported issues too.

Please do not hesitate to post any issues, I know you do your best to avoid duplicates and if it’s an issue myself and the team already know about I’m happy to share the information I have. The other great thing about players posting their experiences in detail is because so many players play in so many different ways, we can get different information about the same issue. All information is good in my eyes so keep it coming!

I’ve also seen you post helpful information yourself on the forums so I wanted to take this chance to thank you for your contributions to the community so far. Players sharing information with each other is also greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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