Xbox One, V1.8.0.0, Doors in underwater wrecks

I have a small issue where nearly every wreck i explore, i open a door to another room, and it appears to be walled off. But i can still go thru it i just cant see thru it. Doesnt seem to happen on the bigger wrecks like the big cargo ship. But all of the older average and some smaller wrecks with doors have this happen. Has been happening on all my games on all maps, custom islands and Stranded Deep islands. It isnt a major concern, but there was a shark on the other side i couldnt see one time.

Hi Jake,

Thank you for reporting this issue. This is one the team are aware of and are investigating. They released a fix in a previous patch but it appears that it didn’t take for all players and ship passages will still appear sealed for some. I shall add your details to my report on the issue for the team.

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