[Xbox One S][2104] Play Online Freeze

Hi there my buddy and me just downloaded Stranded Deep in Gamepass.
Me on PC version him on Xbox.

I can play without problems, also online.

But everytime he “click” on “play online” his game just freeze.
Music goes on, but he cant do anything and its happening nothing.

Hi CptBScheuert, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear your friend is experiecing this issue when he is trying to play online.

Please let me know:

  • Is he trying to join a / your game, or is the issue occurring whenever he selects the “Play Online” option in the main menu? or is he progressing futher and having this issue when he tries to start a game after selecting the game setup options?
  • What NAT type is displayed in the network settings on his XBox?
  • Can he load a single player game without issue?
  • Please ask him to try clearing the cache of his console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins before rebooting.

Any extra details you can provide about your friends setup and what he is seeing before the freeze occurs would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Thx for answering so fast.

He cant even go to the screen with host or join, he just select “play online” and the game freezes, the music goes on normally but he cant go back or something.

Nat is open

he can play single game normally

he cleard his cache but does it now again.

Thank you for that additional information CptBScheuert.

Has you friend tried removing the game completely and then reinstalling from scratch? I would recommend if possible removing all Data relating to the game from the console (backing up any saves as needed), clearing the cache and then reinstalling again so it is a completely clean slate.

It may also be worth checking alternative internet connections if possible or if he’s using wifi to switch to a wired connection or vice versa - this would help rule out if there is potentially any network issues / strict firewalls that could be causing this error to occur. Though with the Nat being Open this may not be the case, regardless it would be worth checking if at all possible for him.

Does your friend have any other online multiplayer games? And if so, are those games connecting without issue? While each game can connect to multiplayer differently, this Q also helps me rule out for the team that the issue is unique to trying to connect in Stranded Deep.

I will pass on the details you’ve provided so far to the team to see if they have any additional suggestions on what your friend can try.

first of all thanks a lot for the support, we appreciate it so much.

Deleting the cache just helped, it works now…

but now we realiced there is no crossplay beetween pc gamepass and xbox :frowning:

but still thanks a lot!

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Hi CptBScheuert,

I’m glad clearing the cache helped help and that your friend was able to access playing online.

I’m sorry I should have clarified earlier when you mentioned you were on two different versions, and I asked if the issue was when trying to join games rather than your friend’s main menu.

Though I know you cannot crossplay, I hope you both still enjoy playing Stranded Deep.

If you or your friend experience any other issues, please do not hesitate to let me know and I’ll do my best to assist.

Thank you.