Xbox 2130 Trophies fail to unlock in Multiplayer

I have experienced this issue on multiple achievements on XBox. My friend was hosting and we are both playing on Series X. The Host earned the achievement for surviving 20 days and completing the game. I didn’t get either. We were on day like 78 when we beat the game. I also didn’t get the achievements for beating the game without a compass and 10 days without eating a fish.

Hi @TheBluffBoy ,

I moved your post it’s own thread so I can ask some follow up questions and keep all relevant info together for the dev team for reference when looking into this.

Can you confirm for me when you beat the game? Was it more recently or was it some time ago?
I ask this because a fix was released recently to help with the 20 days and 10 days without eatting fish achievement unlocking issue (among others). So it may be possible to unlock it now, however you may need to start a new save to unlock them if they do not unlock after a short gameplay session.

As the original post you commented on mentions (link to original post is below your comment above) that “Magnets how to they work” and “Out of the Frying Pan” trophies only unlock for the host and this is by design. One of the reasons I’m aware it’s designed this way is to prevent users joining a game only at the end bosses or at the end of the game and recieving the trophies without having played the full story mode.

Players who join a game take a client “seat” that is shared among everyone who joins that game as player 2 rather then than a unique character profile per person.

I do however understand feedback from players regarding playing through the game with friends and not recieveing trophies and will pass on your comment as feedback about game.