[xbox][2116][Audio]Since update shark music doesn’t stop after shark is killed

Since updating to version 2116, when I encounter a shark the music starts playing but no longer stops when the shark is killed. The only way to stop the music seems to be to it out to the main menu and reload the save


No settings changed and no custom islands

Find a shark, kill it while the music is playing

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I encountered this also on ps4


Thank you both for this info, I’ve passed your reports onto the team for investigation.

Just another note on this, iv tested several re loads on this issue and indeed once the shark is killed the music will basically always continue, even after traveling to other islands, i thought the first time it was a coincidence as i had another shark spawn almost imideatly nearby, but can confirm this wasnt the case with this issue, hope this helps

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I’m playing on Xbox One and I have also encountered the continuous shark music since the update to version 2116. Like Breckabick, even travelling to other islands doesn’t stop the shark music loop, the only way to stop the music (after killing a shark) is to quit to the main menu and reload the save.


Thanks Evergreen for confirming the same issue on console, im ps4 but clearly this is an issue on xbox also, it does seem to be after the update 2116. I let alot of bugs slip as they arnt much of a problem but this one is as you never know if a shark is present or not

Hi Evergreen, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for confirming it’s occuring for your on XB1. I’ll add the number of reports to my issue report to the team and your confirmation that island traveling has not worked for you either to remove it.

@Breckabick I completely understand how this can make a shark prescene uncertain and will pass this feedback onto the team too.