[XBox][2104] Container Shelves do not refund planks

Any new news on this? i’m on Xbox1 / 2104. I am able to destroy the container shelves, but it fails to give me back any planks. I’m at Craftsmanship 7 and typically get 100% back of everything else.
P.S.: It takes 8 wacks with a Refined Axe and costs 2% durability to destroy the container shelves for me.

I’m very curious as i’m about to tear apart one of my “Stick Base” 5x4 rafts to remake it using the tyres, barrels & buoy’s… Would love to get those planks back if we’re days away from a patch that fixes this. But i have plenty of logs and can afford the loss if not.

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Hi @Picaro,

I moved your post to a new topic as which the issue is also regarding container shelves, it is different to the one in the original post - it was also an older post, creating a new one can also help prevent confusion around versions and issues.

Regarding your query. You are correct that while the container shelves can be destroyed, at this point in time they do not refund any planks to the player. While this had been reported to the team in the past, I have submitted a request to the team on behalf of players to refund planks when they are destroyed. However I can confirm that this is not likely to be changed within the next few days - while I understand it’s may not be the response you would be hoping for, I hope it helps you in your plans around resource management during your current gameplay.

As you mentioned breaking down parts of your raft, please also note that not being able to break down raft bases if they are joined by one or more sides is an issue the team are working on and that some players run into it when de/reconstructing rafts. Sometimes turning the raft on it’s side and trying to break it from the bottom has helped players, but there is unfortunately no single workaround that has been confirmed to work for all players that experience this issue.

That’s ok. Thank you. I actually went ahead and destroyed all the shelves on my 2nd raft already. So hearing this makes me feel better about not waiting… :wink:

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Thank you for your understanding Picaro, if there’s anything else you wish to report, please do not hesitate to do so and I’ll do my best to suggest any workarounds if I can.

Thanks again :slight_smile: