[XB1x & SeriesX] Building Disasters (CoOp)


Okay, so most of the issues I’ve experienced are already listed. However, the most annoying and most recent bug is as follows.
Playing in CoOp, I built a hut for myself and the host. It looks perfect on my screen, however it looked completely different on his with walls and roof pieces in places I had not placed them. Upon reloading, they both looked like the mess that was shown on his screen previously. This was irritating beyond belief as we used a majority of the islands wood to craft it and got about 10% of it back upon deconstruction. Now, even when trying to place the building items, the previews of them are on two separate places for us both. If I’m placing a wall on the back of the house, to him it shows I’m placing it in the middle of the room.
Send help! :sob:

Hi LemasterAsh,

Thank you for reporting this, I’m sorry to hear it’s affected your gameplay and I understand how frustrating this issue must be after spending time building your hut how you wanted it. Can you confirm for me if it was yourself or the host that saved the game?

Would it be possible to get comparative screenshots for both how you see a building and how your host sees it before it becomes scrambled on reload?

User LeahW mentioned something similar in their thread here: Bizarre glitches - #4 by LeahW (direct link to relevant comment) - is that image similar to what your host sees and what you saw on reload?

Have you experienced any other desync issues when playing?

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@Clare What he is describing sounds exactly like what we see. We usually have to reload 3-4 times to get everything back to normal. When I load in, I randomly open boxes to make sure I can see items and ghost items do not stick out of them. If we run into those issues, I drop out and reload again until everything seems stable.


And me! This version is broken! No update in sight. Alas, I have moved on - these DEVs FAIL! It WAS a great game if you just play to beat the game, but now that’s not even possible - forget playing this game as a base builder, I have had multiple builds corrupted - now the achievements don’t pop, the boss achievements and crafting don’t work, it’s unplayable for most of us.

My Prolific club xCASTAWAYx on Xbox has reduced to nothing, and all support for this game usurped as I give up owner ship of the club away, and vaya con díos people!

@LeahW - thank you for confirming and sharing your workaround for this issue.

@xGnomeGrownx - I understand your frustration and appreciate your feedback. “Trusted Regular” roles would not be removed, as I have mentioned before on the forums, I have no issue with players sharing their feedback on the game based on their experience, positive or negative - I only ask that it is done respectfully and keeps within the forum rules.