[XB1] Suggestion concerning sea life

Hi, long time listener, first time caller. My brother and I love the game, its one of our preferred goto games when we have a chance to get online together. However, we’ve been plagued by the desync and lag issues like everyone else. My suggestion is to allow us to turn off or decrease the amount of sea life in the shallows. There has been times when it was so thick we couldnt swim 2 feet with out running into a lion fish or sea snake and we thought that maybe it would be nice if we could curb the amount of huntable fish and/or the sankes turtles, rays and that one shark we can’t interact with. Keeping track of each fish in the sea across an online coop game has got to be taxing the system and part of what’s causing the lag, leading to desync’s and client disconnects.

Another suggestion would be to impliment a ‘snap to grid’ option like in grounded… that would allow me to build foundations around a farming plot without all the time wasting slight movements to getting the placement juuuuuuuust right.

Last would be a ‘take all’ button for containers.

Thanks for an otherwise great game! Keep up the good work!