[XB1] Small crabs

I have an XB1X and after skinning a small Crab it will not disappear. It will not let me interact with it, at all. I’ve tried rebooting the game, the XB1 and clearing the cache, but nothing works. This happening on my custom islands and I have the wildlife setting on PASSIVE. I will try on generated islands and let you know.

And also is there something that you can do about the sting rays and the sea turtles being able to knock the raft around because in reality they couldn’t really do that. I hate to cry about stuff but I’m just trying to help because I really like this game and y’all are working really hard for us and thank you for that and keep up the great work.

Hi M16fire,

Thank you for your report. These two issues are ones the team are aware of and I shall add your details to my reports on them.

With regards to the crabs, another player found that reloading the game caused them to despawn for them. Please do let me know if it is different on game generated islands and if they do despawn there with a reload, or if traveling away from your custom island and reloading also helps.

We’re glad you’re enjoying the game and greatly appreciate you taking the time to report the issues that you see, every bit of information from players can help us in investigating these issues. Thank you also for your understanding while we continue to work on these issues!

Yeah. I’m the player that reloaded and the small crabs that I harvested despawned. Please note. I am currently on ps4 untill my 5 comes in and do not know if it will be the same on xbox. Good luck

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